Jessie J felt like she "won a competition" when she recorded 'Bang Bang' with Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande.

The 33-year-old singer has apologised to Nicki after she claimed that the 'Superbass' hitmaker had "begged" to be on the song, after the rapper revealed she had been paid by her label to take part.

Jessie shared: "I respect you publicly being yourself @nickiminaj ... From the moment I met you to now I have shown you nothing but love and gratitude for how f***ing blessed I was to have you and @arianagrande who btw wrote Bang Bang with the insanely talented Max Martin which I found out today. Jesus. What a day. Sorry Ari. I never knew. Wild. Run that story everywhere please.

"I felt like I had won a competition, I did back then and still do now. I’m the first person to admit Bang Bang would NEVER have been what it was without you guys."

And Jessie apologised to Nicki for getting the "story wrong all these years".

She added in a statement: "I'm sorry I got the story wrong all these years, I was told you heard the song and wanted to be on it by someone clearly gassing me up at the label. (Bless them and my naive ass) Thank you for clarifying I was wrong on that and Do it like dude ... Told me huh. What a way for us to celebrate the 7 year anniversary of the song ... Should we all go for dinner? No… Probably not right.. Too soon? Bang bang part two?… No…. Ok got it. Do it like a dude remix? Ok. I’ll stop."