Jessie J believes musicians can ''create a feeling in three minutes''.

The 28-year-old singer claims certain artists have the ability to put their feelings into a track and transport the listener to a certain place, or help them experience an emotion they've wanted to feel for their ''lifetime'' with one single song.

And the 'Bang Bang' hitmaker has credited Ariana Grande with that skill.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Jessie said: ''I'm so proud of her, she works so hard. Music is a feeling, and there are some people that can put how you feel into a lyric, and a melody to a lyric. And I think that's the beauty of music, and I think it can take you to a place that not everyone knows how to be taken to. I think musicians are able to create a feeling in three minutes that someone needs for a lifetime.''

Meanwhile, the vocalist - who formerly judged 'The Voice UK' - has vowed to focus on her music career and release a new album this year.

Speaking previously, she said: ''I'm not going to be returning to 'The Voice'. I've done four seasons. Two in the UK and two in Sydney but I just need to make another album. I'm ready to write another album.''