The only thing better than one pop star on a song is three, right? How about a combination of Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj - ALL on one track? It's what we got with the newly released 'Bang Bang' single, and it's proving that songs like these need to be happen more often.

Bang Bang Group'Bang Bang' was released on July 29

Released this week, the single featuring Jessie, Nicki, and Ari is an easy frontrunner for "Song of the Summer," and hell, maybe even pop song of the year. It'll be included on Jessie J's upcoming album this fall, as well as in the deluxe edition of Grande's new record, My Everything, so 'Bang Bang' isn't going away anytime soon. But what makes it so great? A mix of all the unique qualities in the girls - Jessie's explosive vocals, Grande's sassy croon, and Minaj's signature fierce rap verse makes for a track that only gets better with every listen. Coupled with the glossy production of mastermind producer Max Martin, 'Bang Bang' simply can't not be a hit. It's even being touted as 'Lady Marmalade 2.0' - the juggernaut number one smash in 2004 that featured Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, and Pink. Arguably, 'Bang Bang' outshines that track in every way possible, and having three vs. four is just easier to listen to. With that said, which songs are the best triple threats in pop music over the past couple of years?

Robin Thicke (feat. Pharrell and T.I.) - 'Blurred Lines' (2013)

You couldn't make a list like this and not include this one. 'Blurred Lines' was one of the biggest songs last year, reaching number one in multiple countries and earning two Grammy Award nominations. It got a lot of flack for its questionable lyrical content, but as far as the song itself goes, it was undeniably catchy, and Pharrell's production really made it special. Even though Robin Thicke is apparently in some sort of mid-life crisis with his newest record, Paula, we can only hope that his music game gets back on track soon so he can keep delivering gems like these.

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Jessie J (feat. Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal) - 'Wild' (2013)

Jessie J clearly has a thing for tracks with two other guests joining her. The lead single off her Alive album, 'Wild,' featured popular U.S. rapper Big Sean and popular U.K. rapper Dizzee Rascal, because Jessie wanted a track that was "really British and really American." Mission accomplished. You could basically tack a Big Sean verse on any song and it instantly becomes better, while Dizzee's verse was an interesting breathe of fresh air to hear toward the end. Alive performed pretty badly commercially, but 'Wild' reached number five on the UK charts, and it's one of the brightest spots in Jessie J's discography.

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