Jessica Simpson hopes her baby son will be a ''mamma's boy''

The 32-year-old star's daughter Maxwell, 11 months, is closer to her father, Jessica's fiance Eric Johnson, and so she is hoping her second child - which she knows to be a boy - will develop a special bond with her.

Jessica said:''Maxwell is definitely a daddy's girl. If he's in the room she doesn't want anyone else to hold her. So I hope my son will be a mamma's boy.''

The blonde beauty piled on the pounds when she was pregnant with Maxwell, so has been more cautious this time round and tried to looks after herself.

She said: ''With my first pregnancy I really let go. I felt like I deserved to eat whatever I wanted. Now I'm working out three times a week. I've only gained half of what I did during my first pregnancy.''

Although the 'Fashion Star' mentor has been working out more than last time, Jessica feels a lot calmer during her second pregnancy and has ditched the heels for sensible flats.

She told People magazine: ''I'm a lot less anxious this pregnancy, I'm a lot more easygoing. This time around I've been less about the fashion and more about the comfort. With Maxwell I tried to wear heels the whole time but it hurt my knees, so this time I'm wearing more flats.