The singer-turned-fashion mogul launched her eponymous brand with a line of shoes in 2005, in collaboration with late design legend Vince Camuto, and it has since expanded to include handbags, clothing, jewellery, fragrance and home goods, raking in an estimated $1 billion a year.

In April (15), Simpson sold a majority stake of her company to bosses at Sequential Brands Group, Inc. to boost the business' future growth and they are now looking into selling Jessica Simpson products in her own retail spaces.

Reflecting on the brand's 10 year anniversary, the star says, "I had no idea (her company would grow so big so quickly). We really just started out with shoes and accessories and now we're going into active wear and we have maternity (clothing), and we're going into home and... hopefully opening stores soon, so it's continuing to expand and grow every day."

Simpson believes the appeal of her collection comes down to the fact it embraces all kinds of styles, which the 35 year old and her mother, Tina, personally oversee.

She tells U.S. breakfast show Today, "I really just pay attention to every woman. I want to dress the everyday girl. You don't even have to be a fan of me or want to dress like me, but I feel like I know how to dress every sort of personality...

"I like to have my footprint in everything, so I definitely see almost everything that goes out and if I don't see it, my mum definitely sees it... I trust her eye completely."

Simpson won't be the only star to open a store for her lifestyle brand - actress Reese Witherspoon is preparing to unveil her own retail property in Nashville, Tennessee this autumn (15) for her company, Draper James.