Jessica Simpson is "capable of anything" after achieving sobriety.

The 42-year-old pop star decided to give up alcohol in 2017 and explained that - after appearing in an advert for Pottery Barn and not appearing like her usual self - that she needed to be in her studio to feel "inspired" and insisted that she "cares about other people."

She said: "I needed to be in my studio today because this is where I ground myself and heal. As much as I have learned to block out destructive noise…peoples’ comments and judgements can still hurt deeply with their incessant nagging ‘you will never be good enough. the most important thing I have learned through the last 5yrs without alcohol being a guard for escapism is that I CAN and ALWAYS WILL get through it. I am capable of pretty much anything I care enough about to put my mind to. I am present. I am deeply inspired. I am determined. I am honest. I care about other people."(sic)

The 'I Wanna Love You Forever hitmaker - who is married to footballer Eric Johnson and has Birdie, three, Ace, nine, and Maxwell, 10, with him - went on to add that she was able to "ground" herself through music and feels "compassionate" towards those who spread hate on social media.

Speaking in a video posted to Instagram, she added: "After grounding myself just now with my voice and the lyrics across my heart, I feel compassion for the opinionated hate that some people can so effortlessly just blurt out with such intensity on social media or in the media in general. We all have our days of wanting to be, look, do, and feel better.

“Nobody is alone with that feelin’ that I can promise you. I woke up at the same time anxious and insecure but also also angry and defensive — like some of you.”