Pregnant Jessica Simpson has developed a big craving for salty macaroni and cheese, revealing she can happily gobble a packet a day.
The actress/singer and TV personality is expecting her first child this spring (12) and admits there's one comfort food she simply can't get enough of.
She tells Access Hollywood, "I'm a big fan of Kraft Mac N' Cheese... That keeps me happy. That keeps me sodium happy.
"I, like, wake up swollen because I put Lowry's seasoning salt all over it."
Savoury Simpson has also become a fan of desserts during her pregnancy and much of the food she's craving take her back to her youth.
She explains, "I'm craving a lot of things I had when I was a kid, like, this morning I buttered a Pop Tart. I haven't done that in years."
Simpson doesn't need to worry too much about piling on the pounds while pregnant - she has signed a big deal with diet firm WeightWatchers and hopes to lose the bulk using their healthy tips after her baby is born.