American Horror Story will never be the same after this announcement. On Saturday, the show had a panel at Paley Fest, during which Jessica Lange confirmed her departure. Now, before you go completely removing the Ryan Murphy show from your fall TV schedule, there are some good news too.

Jessica Lange
Four seasons and two Emmy awards in, Jessica Lange has had enough.

Like, guess who’s coming in for next season (creatively titled American Horror Story: Hotel). Does the name Matt Bomer ring a bell? The Suits star will definitely be in the line-up, although the part he will play is still a mystery.

Another new name is Cheyenne Jackson, whom you may or may not recognise as 30 Rock’s overly enthusiastic Danny Baker, or Glee’s Dustin Goolsboy. And of course, there’s Lady GaGa, who was previously announced for a guest role on the show’s fifth season.

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As for the roles, there’s not much to go on there. Bomer said he was still unclear about what character he was playing. “I can’t confirm or deny that there might be a love interest” said Bomer regarding his character’s connection to Lady Gaga’s.

But no Lange, unfortunately. The actress addressed her decision in a short statement.

“We’ve had a great run here. I mean, I absolutely love doing these four characters, and in all the madness, I love the writers and Ryan (Murphy) and the insanity of shooting it,” Lange told a full Dolby Theatre, according to Deadline