David Beckham has been a pleasure on the senses for both men and women for decades with his footballing skills impressing men and his modelling skills impressing women – and sometimes vice versa. But his fame and glory has reached new heights after Hollywood actress Jessica Chastain revealed that he's the only footballer she knows, but not because of his soccer skills.

Jessica Chastain
The Hollywood actress will appear on The Graham Norton Show tonight

While sitting on the Graham Norton couch, the Interstellar actress admitted that she's seen Becks in the H&M advertising campaign and she's pretty impressed with what she's seen.

The gorgeous redhead was flying the female flag solo on the chat show and was joined by Sir David Attenborough, former footballer Gary Lineker and comedian Harry Hill.

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There looked to be plenty of laughs on Graham's famous sofa as Jessica got a quick lesson about the birds and the bees from Britain's legendary wildlife expert Sir Attenborough.

Explaining his new show, Attenborough's Paradise Birds, Sir David described how birds hang upside down and whistle while flicking the long quills of their tail across the face of the female.

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However, it seems the birds have a long way to go to beat Becks in the eyes of Miss Chastain who replied to Sir David's description of bird wooing: "That wouldn't impress me at all!"

Watch all the interviews, and a performance from McBusted, tonight on The Graham Norton Show on BBC1.