Jessica Chastain feels inspired by "the strength of women".

The 45-year-old actress - who plays nurse Amy Loughren, a single mother with heart problems, in 'The Good Nurse' - has revealed that she's determined to shine a light on brilliant women.

She explained: "I love women's stories so much and so I get really inspired by the strength of women.

"I grew up when the history books never really talked about how incredibly dynamic and exciting and brave and heroic women are, and so it's very exciting for me to be in a position where I can use my career to amplify those stories.

"Whenever I meet someone who has a very exciting story to tell, I want to be a part of that."

'The Good Nurse' tells the real-life story of Charles Cullen, an American serial killer who murdered up to 40 patients during his nursing career.

And Jessica appreciated getting the chance to meet Amy in preparation for the movie.

The Hollywood star told Sky News: "All the things that she was juggling at the time - you know, being a single mother to two girls, not having health insurance, working on a night shift so you're not really getting proper sleep, and also at the same time she needed a heart transplant. That's what we walk in with at the beginning of this film and then realise, I mean, without giving any spoilers away, what she then stumbles into is quite shocking."

Jessica stars in the movie alongside Eddie Redmayne, and the actor recently confessed to being shocked by one particular aspect of the story.

Eddie, 40 - who plays the part of Charles - said: "As a consequence of Charles Cullen's case, whenever someone is reported, their records now have to be kept for seven years. The fact that that wasn't already happening … it's astonishing.

"The fact he was allowed access to these vulnerable people, it's pretty dumbfounding."