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Jessica Chastain Joins Snow White Spin-Off 'The Huntsman'

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain has joined the cast of the Snow White and the Huntsman spin-off The Huntsman. The Oscar-nominated actress will line-up opposite Chris Hemsworth while Cedric Nicolas-Troyan - who was nominated by the Academy for his visual effects on the first movie - will direct.

Jessica ChastainJessica Chastain will play the love interest in The Huntsman

The sequel will expand the universe of the film movie, which starred Hemsworth, Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron. Primarily, it will focus on Eric (Hemsworth) and Ravenna (Theron) before they met Snow White. Though Theron will return, Stewart is unlikely to sign on. The British actor Nick Frost, who played a dwarf in the first film, is also expected to reprise his role.

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Crimson Peak Trailer

In the 19th Century in Cumbria, England, an old house stood overlooking a tremendous stretch of land. That house was Crimson Peak, inhabited by Sir Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston) and his sister, Lady Lucille Sharpe (Jessica Chastain). When author Edith Cushing (Mia Wasikowska) marries the handsome and quite Thomas Sharpe, she moves to Crimson Peak to live with the siblings. However, upon arrival, strange thing begin to occur. Mysterious visions and terrifying objects begin to emerge, showing that the house is not as it appears. As Cushing struggles to get to the bottom of the house's dark history, the secrets of the family steadily begin to unveil themselves to her. 

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'A Most Violent Year' Misses Out On Oscar

Oscar Isaac Jessica Chastain

With just three features under his belt, filmmaker J.C. Chandor has won critics over with his clever writing and directing and his ability to use a cast against expectations. After 'Margin Call' (2011) and 'All Is Lost' (2013), 'A Most Violent Year' is his most ambitious film yet, a twist on the Scorsese-style gangster drama that can't help but get under the skin. 

'A Most Violnet Year' stars Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac.
'A Most Violnet Year' stars Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac

Anchored by razor-sharp performances by Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain, it was an early favourite for Oscar attention, with lots of attention from critics (Golden Globes, Critics' Choice, American regional groups, London Critics). And yet the film was completely ignored by Oscar voters.

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A Most Violent Year Review


With this confident drama, J.C. Chandor (Margin Call, All Is Lost) continues to evolve as a filmmaker, giving the mob movie a remarkably thoughtful twist with vivid characters and situations. This film holds us in a vice-grip, cleverly squeezing in on the characters and the audience with both emotional and moral dilemmas. And Oscar Isaac delivers yet another superbly textured performance, this time as a man trying desperately to remain outside the criminal world.

The title refers to 1981, when the crime rate in New York was at an all-time high. Abel (Isaac) has built his heating-oil company into a real contender, but has refused to indulge in the dodgy dealings of his competitors. Which has been difficult since he's married to Anna (Jessica Chastain), daughter of a notorious gangster. Then just as Abel takes out a loan to expand his business even further, he's hit by an indictment from the DA (David Oyelowo), which jeopardises the bank's loyalty. Meanwhile, his rivals' goons are hijacking his tanker-trucks and threatening his family. Although his chief competitor (Alessandro Nivola) denies this. And as things squeeze in on Abel and his lawyer (Albert Brooks), Anna urges them to take illegal action to get things back on track. After all, that's how business works in 1981 New York.

Isaac is utterly magnetic as Abel, a man who rejects the corruption and violence everyone else accepts as part of life. His interaction with an especially feisty Chastain is steely and riveting, as is his relationship with his young protege Julian (Elyes Gabel), a terrified hijacked driver whose storyline takes some surprising turns, some of which are a little obvious. All of the acting in the film is contained and bristling with emotion, giving the characters remarkable layers of texture that make them unusually believable and often startlingly easy to identify with.

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Jessica Chastain Encourages Students Having A "Difficult Time" To Stay In School

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain in an interview published earlier this week revealed she dropped out of high school and never graduated. However, the 37-year-old actress was keen to clarify how she is an advocate of education who did gain qualifications albeit in a less conventional way.

Jessica Chastain
Jessica Chastain has clarified her comments on education.

Read More: Jessica Chastain Hits Back At Russell Crowe's Comments On Aging Actresses.

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Video - Julianne Moore And Jessica Chastain Among Stars At National Board Of Review Gala - Part 2

'Still Alice' actress Julianne Moore was seen with her husband Bart Freundlich on the red carpet at the National Board of Review Gala held at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York.

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Jessica Chastain Hits Back At Russell Crowe’s Comments On Aging Actresses

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain is sticking up for actresses everywhere after she returned fire on Russell Crowe, who recently caused controversy after claiming there are lots of roles for older female stars to play, but only if they are willing to portray characters suited to their age.

Jessica Chastain
Chastain is sticking up for older actresses everywhere!

While attending the National Board of Review awards gala in New York City on Tuesday (Jan 6th), the 37-year-old actress candidly told reporters, "I think he's getting his foot stuck in his mouth," before accepting the best supporting actress award for her role in 'A Most Violent Year.'

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Could 'A Most Violent Year' Win The Oscar For Best Picture?

Oscar Isaac Jessica Chastain

There were murmurings of surprise when JC Chandor's drama A Most Violent Year was named film of the year by the National Board of Review in December. However, after a great swathe of positive reviews ahead of its release on New Year's Eve, the movie is considered to have a real chance of at least scoring a nomination for the biggest night on the movie's calendar.

Oscar IsaacJessica Chastain [L] and Oscar Isaac [R] in 'A Most Violent Year'

Set during the winter of 1981 - statistically one of the most crime-ridden periods in New York City's history - A Most Violent Year follows the lives of an immigrant played by Oscar Isaac and his family as they attempt to capitalize on the American Dream.  

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Video - Jessica Chastain Teams Her Red Locks With A Red Gown At 'A Most Violent Year' NY Premiere - Part 2

Jessica Chastain talks about her role and casting for 'A Most Violent Year' in an interview on the red carpet of the movie's New York premiere held at Florence Gould Hall. The stunning redhead looked super classy in a floor length, long sleeved red dress that perfectly complimented her flaming locks.

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'A Most Violent Year' Wins Film Of The Year, But What About The Oscars?

Oscar Isaac Jessica Chastain

Crime drama A Most Violent Year, starring Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain, has been named film of the year by the influential National Board of Review. JC Chandor's movie also picked up acting awards from the prestigious New York based collective of academics, students and historians.

A Most Violent YearJessica Chastain [L] and Oscar Isaac [R] in A Most Violent Year

Isaac shared his best actor prize with Birdman's Michael Keaton, while Clint Eastwood won best director for his tense Iraq drama American Sniper.

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Miss Julie - Trailer

Over the course of one night in an Irish country estate in the 1880s, a man and a woman engage in an illicit romantic relationship. The problem is, that Julie (Jessica Chastain) is the daughter of an Irish Count, and Jean (Colin Farrell) is the valet of her father. Despite his well-read and well-travelled nature, Jean is still a servant, and cannot indulge in the love with his boss' daughter. Julie, however, knows that Jean must do as he commands, and begins a game of forcing him more and more into the romantic confrontation they are both denied.

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Interstellar Review

Very Good

Brainy blockbuster maestro Christopher Nolan heads into deep space with this epic adventure, which is packed with thoughtful ideas and big emotions even if the plot wobbles badly in the middle. But although it ultimately feels somewhat forced, the film is still a mesmerising exploration of parenthood and survival, bending time and gravity in ways that keep our brains spinning. And the seamless visual effects combine with some wrenching performances to make it unmissable.

It opens in a future America where a desperation for food has overtaken the need for technology and innovation. Which is a problem for Nasa pilot Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), who is now working a massive corn farm that he runs with his father (John Lithgow). Then Cooper and his daughter Murph (Mackenzie Foy) discover a gravitational anomaly that leads them to a secret base run by father and daughter scientists Brand and Amelia (Michael Caine and Anne Hathaway), who are looking for a new home planet for humanity since Earth is dying. So Cooper joins up and heads through a wormhole with Amelia and crew (Wes Bentley and David Gyasi). Meanwhile, Murph (who grows up to be Jessica Chastain) gets involved in the project back on earth, wondering if her dad will ever return home as he promised.

The first act of the story is a beautiful depiction of yearning for discovery, that innate curiosity that drives people to do crazy things in the hopes of pushing the humanity forward (or in this case, saving it). Nolan directs this section beautifully, with sharp editing propelling the story out into space with real energy and passion. But once they begin visiting other planets, there are some extended episodes that feel oddly contrived, including an encounter that leads to unexplained violence, explosions and melodrama. These kinds of things undermine the characters' motivations to the point where the audience just has to take Nolan's word for it and ride it out, even as the underlying ideas begin to lose their weightiness.

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A Most Violent Year Trailer

In 1981, New York City saw its most violent year in the city's history. When an immigrant arrives in the city in pursuit of the American Dream, he never expected that his journey would result in so much bloodshed. The man's name is Abel Morales (Oscar Isaac), and he will do anything to grow his family's business and secure the dream for his wife Anna (Jessica Chastain). But as the NYPD are forced to double their efforts with regards to putting an end to the violence, an investigation begins into the business Abel has bled to support. When the police start asking questions, Anna is forced to confront her husband about the nature of his work which, in turn, forces him to finally be totally truthful with her.

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Interstellar Trailer

Mankind is doomed. Following generations of neglect and a lack of care, the planet Earth is a polluted mess and food supplies have all but run out. Only one hope remains for humanity if it is to survive into its next generation - they must leave Earth behind. Cooper (Matthew Mcconaughey), is a widowed engineer, living in a time where engineers are no longer needed. He also happens to be one of the world's best pilots. He is offered the choice to stay with his children and except the fate of the human race, or captain a mission through a newly discovered wormhole in search of a new, habitable planet which can sustain the prolonged existence of our species. He chooses the latter option, and begins his interstellar travels in search of a new home. 

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First Look At New Movie 'The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby' [Trailer]

James McAvoy Jessica Chastain

The upcoming romantic drama The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby is the pinnacle of a number of years’ work by debut director Ned Benson.It’s an amalgamation of three films telling the same story, the first two which, were screened at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival and billed as ‘works in progress’. The addition of a third part, called Them, makes the whole of The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby.

McAvoy Chastain Disappearance
James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain star in The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby

The basic premise – girl and boy fall in love, get married before running into various obstacles in their relationship – is as old as time itself, but the innovation that Benson brings is in the structure and format.

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The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby Trailer

Conor (James McAvoy) and Eleanor (Jessica Chastain) play a couple who fall in love and get married, before hitting various hiccups in their relationship. However, this film is far from the clichéd love story, and instead tells the tale from both points of view, as well as relatable and engaging look at the relationship of two people still trying to figure out who the other person truly is. The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby charts the highs and lows in a relationship between two people trying to recreate the past, so as not to let their love fade away. 

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Interstellar Trailer

Cooper is a pilot and engineer with a huge ambition to save the world. With little discoveries left to be made on Earth and the development of pioneering technology ever slowing down, mankind's only chance of survival is to take to the stars - though there's a chance there's nothing out there either. But human endeavour once again proves fruitful as a team of space explorers discover a wormhole in the void of the universe. Cooper decides to join them on their intergalactic expedition to find out if there are any other habitable worlds out there. However, he has a big decision to make as the trip means leaving his beloved family behind with the possibility that he might never return. This is a dangerous mission unlike anything mankind has ever done before, but is it worth it to find a way to save the world?

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What Do We Know About Christopher Nolan's Interstellar?

Christopher Nolan Matthew Mcconaughey Anne Hathaway Michael Caine Matt Damon Casey Affleck Jessica Chastain

Christopher Nolan and Matthew McConaughey made a surprise visit to the San Diego Comic-Con last week to unveil the full trailer for their new movie, Interstellar. It seems fans were impressed but, with a November release date for the motion picture fast approaching, what do we actually know about this sci-fi adventure?

Christopher Nolan and Matthew McConaughey
Christopher Nolan and Matthew Mcconaughey at Comic-Con 2014 (Credit: Getty/Kevin Winter)

We know that it has an all-star cast with Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway taking the leads and Michael Caine, Jessica Chastain, Casey Affleck, John Lithgow, Matt Damon and William Devane featuring, among others.

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Jessica Chastain Will Not Be Appearing In 'True Detective' Season 2

Jessica Chastain

Despite numerous reports that have surfaced as of late, Jessica Chastain will not be appearing in the second season of HBO's hit crime series 'True Detective.'

The Nerdist previously reported that the Academy-Award nominated actress was targeted by the television network, who offered her a leading role in the series, but she has not yet made a decision.

However, this claim was instantly quashed by E!News, who report that HBO never made an offer and Chastain's rep also told the website that she "is not doing the series."

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Interstellar Trailer

With the Earth facing a bleak future, pilot and engineer Cooper wants to know how it can possibly be saved from its inevitable demise. The world seems to be slowing down in terms of technological advancement and important discovery, but one group of scientists and explorers are determined to keep pushing the boundaries of human endeavour in the hope that human beings can learned enough to save themselves. When an unusual wormhole like void is discovered in space, the scientists prepare to embark on an interstellar voyage of wisdom to unlock the hidden mysteries of the universe and uncover the key to time travel. It's an expedition that faces great danger and has never before been undertaken by man, and while Cooper is concerned about his separation from his family, he can't pass up this opportunity to explore the stars.

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Video - Jessica Chastain And Maria Bello Look Like Seasonal Opposites At The National Board Of Review Awards Gala - Part 1

'Zero Dark Thirty' star Jessica Chastain and 'Prisoners' actress Maria Bello are spotted arriving at the 2014 National Board Of Review Awards Gala in New York where they pose for photographers before the event begins.

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In April 2015, Which Films Will "Fast & Furious 7" Have To Beat To Rule The Box Office?

Vin Diesel Paul Walker Keanu Reeves Guillermo Del Toro Jessica Chastain Tom Hiddleston

Yesterday the release date for Fast & Furious 7 was announced for April 2015. As predicted, this allows for some production delays and for the cast and crew to have a mental health break following Paul Walker’s death.

It also means that the film will be pitched against a different set of competitors, which might affect the franchise’s profits. In July 2014, the main competitor to our favorite fast-cars-no-plot franchise would have been Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Vin Diesel, Riddick Premiere
Vin Diesel broke the news via Facebook yesterday.

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Interstellar Trailer

At a time where scientists and explorers are on the verge of reaching a stalemate with making new discoveries and extending the limits of human endeavour, a group of ever-curious space explorers uncover a wormhole in the universe that can allow them to make critical shortcuts through spacetime. The team set out on an intergalactic expedition never before untaken by man, to find whole new worlds of new discoveries, hidden dimensions and unearth the key to time travel.

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First Glimpse At 'Interstellar' Gives Very Little Away - Why Are We So Excited Then!?

Christopher Nolan Matthew Mcconaughey Anne Hathaway Michael Caine Jessica Chastain Casey Affleck

Earlier this week we were treated to the first teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan's sci-fi epic Interstellar. The trailer really did put the 'teaser' back in to teaser trailer, as it consisted only of archive footage of various historical events, with Matthew Mcconaughey's rich Texan drawl narrating something inspirational over the top of the images. It gave absolutely nothing away in regards to what we can expect to see in the film, but frankly we don't even care.

Christopher Nolan
Not to jump to conclusions, but Nolan might have done it again

Nolan has been working in relative secrecy on the project along with his brother, Jonathan Nolan, with the basis of the film apparently being inspired by a story by physicist Kip S. Thorne. We already know this, as well as the fact that McConaughey will be starring in the film alongside Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Casey Affleck, Michael Caine and others, and after seeing the first glimpse of the film this is still all we know in regards to what the Nolan Bros. have in store for us. Their secrecy might make some angry, but frankly the secrecy is just making us more and more excited for the complex film.

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Seduced And Abandoned Review


Anyone interested in how movies get made will love this feisty behind-the-scenes documentary, which uses sharp comedy to explore the messy business side of cinema. Both smart and very funny, it may not tell us much that we don't know (mainly that it's almost impossible to get a film financed unless it's a blockbuster with bankable stars), but it reveals things in ways that make us wonder about the future of the movies.

The film follows actor Alec Baldwin and director James Toback as they head to the Cannes Film Festival to secure funding for their planned Iraq-set riff on Last Tango in Paris. They meet with a variety of experts who tell them that their hoped-for budget is three times too high for a movie starring Baldwin and Neve Campbell. So they talk to Chastain, Bejo and Kruger about taking over the lead role. They also consult with a range of prominent filmmakers including Scorsese, Coppola, Polanski and the Last Tango maestro himself, Bertolucci. But the more time they spend with the people who control the money, the more they wonder if their movie will ever get made.

It's fairly clear from the start that Last Tango in Tikrit is a joke project, but everyone takes it seriously. And as they talk to prospective investors, Baldwin and Toback consider adjusting the film to get more cash by, for example, shooting scenes in Russia or China. It's fascinating to hear these billionaires offer advice on how to get their movie made. And hilariously, no one worries about Baldwin's insistence that the story requires explicit sexual scenes.

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Oscars 2013: Jennifer Lawrence Falls Over After Winning Best Actress

Jennifer Lawrence Emmanuelle Riva Jessica Chastain

Jennifer Lawrence fended off stiff competition from Emmanuelle Riva and Jessica Chastain to win Best Actress at the Oscars on Sunday evening (February 24, 2013). The Silver Linings Playbook star was the early favourite in the betting, though Amour actress Riva won plenty of support in the weeks leading up to the ceremony at the Dolby Theatre. She was also celebrating her birthday on Sunday.

Lawrence - who ticked off a few people at the Golden Globes, announcing "I bet Meryl" - looked visibly stunned as she made her way to the stage, though she slipped and fell in her huge Christian Dior dress. Someone from the audience rushed to her aid, though Lawrence managed to compose herself and make it on stage. The fall appeared to rock the first-time Oscar winner, who quickly rushed through her speech before being ushered backstage. Twitter buzzed into life after the unfortunate stumble, with one Oscar-viewer joking, "Jennifer Lawrence just lived her dream and her nightmare." The reviews aggregating website Rotten Tomatoes tweeted, "Jennifer Lawrence is Best Actress, and Worst Stair Climber at Oscars. But if anyone can brush it off, it's her. Congrats, tiny dancer."

Lawrence's award preceded Daniel Day-Lewis's win in the category of Best Actor. He is the only actor to win the award three times. 

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Mama Review


Expanded from a sharp 3-minute short, this horror mystery is packed with clever jolts and witty freak-out moments. Argentine filmmaker Muschietti creates such an oppressively intense atmosphere that we only barely notice how thin and underdeveloped the script is. But when we're not cringing from the eerie imagery, it's difficult not to see the contrivances and conveniences that fill the plot.

Orphans Victoria and Lilly (Charpentier and Nelisse) have survived in a woodland cabin for five years, and when they're discovered they are understandably animalistic. But their Uncle Lucas (Coster-Waldau) takes them in, fending off a custody battle with an aunt (Moffat) to raise his nieces with his rock-chick girlfriend Annabel (Chastain). Then Lucas is hospitalised after a strange nighttime incident, and Annabel is left alone in the house with these still-feral girls. Their strange behaviour makes Annabel suspect that they weren't alone in that cabin, and may have brought a jealous maternalistic ghost with them. So the consulting psychologist (Kash) starts to investigate the cabin's history.

Oddly, despite the fact that Chastain's personal odyssey is at the centre of the film, most of the narrative comes from the psychologist's procedural investigation into the identity of the woman the girls are calling "Mama". This involves implausible luck as he discovers ludicrously detailed records in dusty archives and then helpfully leaves his documents lying around so the right person can find them. Meanwhile, Coster-Waldau is needlessly marginalised in a corny plot turn early on. And it doesn't help that we never quite accept Chastain as a goth rocker, even though she gives it her best shot. 

Continue reading: Mama Review

Jennifer Lawrence To Win Best Actress Oscar? Poll Voters Seem To Think So...

Jennifer Lawrence Jessica Chastain Kathryn Bigelow Emmanuelle Riva Quvenzhane Wallis Naomi Watts Anne Hathaway

A poll conducted by voters reveals that the American public have got Jennifer Lawrence pegged as the winner of the Best Actress Oscar, for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook. Lawrence has already bagged a Golden Globe, a Satellite Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award, amongst others and the voters in Reuters’ poll seem pretty confident that she can repeat that success at next weekend’s Academy Awards.

With 15 per cent of the votes, Lawrence may have been the favourite but her heels were being well and truly snapped at by Jessica Chastain, star of Kathryn Bigelow’s political drama Zero Dark Thirty, with 11 per cent of the vote. Of course, awards shows are all about surprises and the statuette could well be awarded to one of the category outsiders, such as 85 year-old Emmanuelle Riva (Amour) and 9 year-old Quvenzhane Wallis (Beasts of the Southern Wild). Naomi Watts is also nominated, for her role in the tsunami disaster movie the Impossible.

In the Best Supporting Actress category, 26 per cent of the 1,586 voters felt that Anne Hathaway was most likely to take home the prize, for her brief but powerful performance in Les Miserables. 

Continue reading: Jennifer Lawrence To Win Best Actress Oscar? Poll Voters Seem To Think So...

Is Jennifer Lawrence's SAG Awards Malfunction A Bad Omen For The Oscars?

Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper Jessica Chastain

Jennifer Lawrence is still the odds-on favourite to win Best Actress at the Oscars next month for her turn in Silver Linings Playbook, but don't be surprised should Zero Dark Thirty's Jessica Chastain snatch the gong away from her after an awards' season filled with bad omens for the young Hollywood star. The first being that she's won Best Actress at pretty much every awards' show going - how many times have we seen that before a surprise knockdown at the Oscars?

Lawrence probably deserves the award; her comical performance opposite Bradley Cooper in David O'Russell's quirky movie was lauded by critics as her finest performance yet, though something in the air suggests the Hunger Games star may have to wait for her riches. It all started following her Golden Globes success, when Lawrence yelled "I beat Meryl!" upon collecting her award. Hollywood was instantly aghast - was this a sly dig at Meryl Streep? Lindsay Lohan certainly thought so. How dare she! Nobody criticizes Meryl! Anyway, Lawrence cleared up the controversy during an appearance on the David Letterman show, though we get the feeling she never quite recovered from it. Next up was the actress' hosting of Saturday Night Live during which she poked fun at Quvenzhané Wallis, her 9-year-old rival in the Best Actress category at the Oscars, quipping, "The alphabet called. It wants its letters back." To Jessica Chastain she offered, "In Zero Dark Thirty you caught bin Laden. So what? In Winter's Bone I caught a squirrel, and then ate it." Sure it was all in jest, though Hollywood still raised an eyebrow.

And then, of course, there was Lawrence's infamous wardrobe malfunction at the SAG Awards this past weekend, when her Christian Dior gown appeared to split in two.for some reason. It was a key moment too: all eyes were on the actress as she made her way onto the stage to collect her prize.

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A Week In Movies: Sundance Buzz For Stoker Trailer, London Critics' Choose Amour, First Look At Tommy Lee Jones In Emperor

Nicole Kidman Matthew Goode Mia Wasikowska Steven Spielberg Daniel Day Lewis Kathryn Bigelow Jessica Chastain Jennifer Lawrence Emmanuelle Riva Tommy Lee Jones Helen Mirren Bruce Willis John Malkovich Catherine Zeta Jones Josh Duhamel Julianne Hough Nicholas Sparks

Stoker Trailer

Updates From Sundance Film Festival And The London Critics' Circle Awards Plus Trailers For, Stoker, Emperor And Red 2

As the Sundance Film Festival continues in Utah, buzz is emerging about the new Nicole Kidman movie Stoker, in which she plays the widowed mother of teen Mia Wasikowska as they deal with the arrival of the unexpectedly sexy Uncle Charlie (Matthew Goode). From the director of Old Boy, a new trailer depicts the film as a stylish, warped and very black comedy. It comes to cinemas on March 1st.

Here in Britain, two leading awards contenders open this week. Steven Spielberg's Lincoln stars Daniel Day-Lewis, the front-runner in the Best Actor race. This would be his unprecedented third win in the category. And Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty stars Jessica Chastain, who is currently the favourite for Best Actress, although Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook is giving her some serious competition.

But no one should write off iconic French actress Emmanuelle Riva's astonishing turn in Amour. She won the London Critics' Circle Film Award for Best Actress on Sunday. The London critics also gave Amour their Film of the Year title, and it's up for Best Picture at the Oscars as well.

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Jessica Chastain Tuesday 9th August 2011 World Premiere of The Help held at the Samuel Goldwin Theater in The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Beverly Hills, California

Jessica Chastain

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