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3rd May 2016

Quote: "A lot of my friends had kids and everyone had the same problem. They'd tell me, 'I'm going to a kids party', and I'd be like, 'Maybe I'll come', and they'd be like, 'You don't want to come, it's a crazy place, there (are) kids everywhere and the food's not good - and it's not fun'." Actress Jessica Biel on the idea behind her Au Fudge restaurant for kids and their parents.

18th February 2016

Fact: Actress Jessica Biel launched her kid-friendly restaurant Au Fudge in West Hollywood, Los Angeles on Tuesday night (16Feb16). Fellow actresses Amy Smart, Ali Landry, Ali Larter, and Frances Fisher were among those who turned up to show their support.

28th August 2015

Quote: "The moment he wakes up from a nap he's sort of looking around and you sort of creep up and look over the crib and he looks up... Just a gummy mouth, no teeth, just a big smile, happy that you're alive and you're just looking at him. That's probably the most magical (moment)... but you quickly move on from it because there is a dirty diaper in your palm." New mum Jessica Biel on the joys of parenthood.

3rd March 2015

Tweet: "Happy Bday to the sweetest, most Gorgeous, goofiest, most Bad-A** chick I know. You make me smile 'til it hurts. I love you like crazy! - Your Huz (husband)" Justin Timberlake wishes his actress wife and mum-to-be Jessica Biel a happy 33rd birthday on Tuesday (03Mar15).

17th December 2014

Quote: "He told me a while ago, and I kept my mouth shut. But now I can talk about it... Jessica is awesome. And Justin is a kid at heart." Former 'N Sync star Joey Fatone on rumours his former bandmate Justin Timberlake is expecting his first child with wife Jessica Biel.

17th September 2014

Quote: "He's never home, so I'm always watching everything by myself." Actress Jessica Biel reveals she's rarely able to cosy up with her hard-working husband Justin Timberlake in front of the Tv.

5th March 2014

Fact: Justin Timberlake serenaded his wife Jessica Biel by singing Happy Birthday to her during an intimate dinner date in Miami, Florida on Monday (03Mar14) as the actress celebrated turning 32. The pop superstar's parents also joined the couple for the meal.

30th December 2013

Tweet: "I mistook the salt for sugar & these cinnamon bun beauties were so gross! Moral of the day: Don't let looks deceive you! #kitchenconfessions". Actress Jessica Biel suffers a baking disaster during the holidays.

25th November 2013

Tweet: "I'm watching from home tonight. Calm down, Internet." Jessica Biel addresses reports suggesting there is trouble in her marriage to Justin Timberlake after she was absent from his side at the American Music Awards on Sunday (24Nov13).

7th May 2013

Fact: Actress Jessica Biel went full-on punk at the Met Gala in New York on Monday (06May13) - she wore a silver nose ring as an accessory. The A-Team star was one of the fashion event's best-dressed in a black gown designed by Giambattista Valli, who created her pink wedding dress last year (12). Valli accompanied his muse to the Met Gala.

10th April 2013

Tweet: "I hugged Potus. I hugged Potus. I hugged Potus." Jessica Biel shares her excitement after getting up close and personal with Barack Obama, also known as Potus - the President of the United States. The actress accompanied her singer husband Justin Timberlake to meet Obama at the White House on Tuesday (09Apr13) for a music education event.

3rd April 2013

Tweet: ‏"I made French toast today and Beverley Mitchell made a baby. She wins. Congrats!!" Jessica Biel publicly congratulates her best friend after she gave birth to a baby girl on Thursday (28Mar13).

18th March 2013

Quote: "When I worked with Justin Timberlake on (new movie) Trouble with the Curve, he was just about to get married to Jessica Biel and I think having Aviana there made them very excited about starting a family." Amy Adams is convinced spending time with her young daughter Aviana made Justin Timberlake and his now-wife Jessica Biel feel broody.

21st February 2013

Tweet: "My Huz just killed it on the Brits. and the London fans are the t**s!" Actress Jessica Biel is a proud wife after watching Justin Timberlake return to the U.K. stage with a performance at the BRIT Awards on Wednesday (20Feb13).

18th January 2013

Tweet: "just ate a questionable sausage sandwich in airport shop and almost chipped tooth on unidentifiable bone like chunk." Actress Jessica Biel hurts her tooth after grabbing a quick snack.

6th December 2012

Quote: "He bakes pies,. He's Southern, so he's got all this influence from his grandma. He does a three-layer pie... and blueberry crunch cake, which is pretty unbelievable. It doesn't happen all that often, thank God. Otherwise, it would be a big problem." Jessica Biel raves about her new husband Justin Timberlake's baking skills.

1st December 2012

Quote: "It's weird because it feels like almost nothing has changed... but it feels like you have this partner who's going to be with you and also change lightbulbs, and, you know, do dishes with you. The weirdest and kind of most wonderful thing is that word - that's my 'husband'." Actress Jessica Biel on what it means to be Mrs. Justin Timberlake after the two stars wed in October (12).

30th November 2012

Quote: "The kid who plays my son... he was the coolest kid I feel like I've ever hung out with... If he was just a spoiled brat, annoying little kid, it would have been a bummer... Between takes, we would sit in the car... and we would jam out to rock 'n' roll stations... He was just having a good time." Newlywed Jessica Biel enjoyed playing mum to child star Noah Lomax in Playing For Keeps.

29th November 2012

Quote: "Indiana Jones was my idol. I wanted to be him. I wanted to be an archaeologist because of him. My dad had to explain to me that being an archaeologist means you're sitting in a pile of dirt... It's not swinging on ropes with a cool whip." Actress Jessica Biel on her dream of becoming an archaeologist.

2nd November 2012

Quote: "It was just insane. Everything was just beautiful. It was really, really a beautiful night. She looked gorgeous... She looked like a princess. And I'm just a sucker for weddings. I'm a fun person to invite to a wedding. I dance. I get up. I drink. But then I weep!" U.S. talk show host Jimmy Fallon gushes about Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's Italian wedding last month (Oct12).

23rd October 2012

Quote: "I'm very excited for him. He's a terrific guy. He's a really good actor. There's nothing that guy can't do. Jess is great. I'm happy for them." BEN AFFLECK sends his best wishes to his Runner, Runner co-star Justin Timberlake after he tied the knot with Jessica Biel on Friday (19Oct12).

8th October 2012

Quote: "I'm just pretty much cool as a cucumber in general in my life... I'm one of those people who is not very detail-oriented. I'm sort of the... big idea person, so I'll probably give an idea and then let it be created." Bride-to-be Jessica Biel is not stressing over her wedding plans ahead of her nuptials to pop star/actor Justin Timberlake.

3rd October 2012

Quote: "I answer to a higher power now. We have a couple of rules in our relationship. The first rule is that I make her feel like she's getting her way in everything. The second rule is that I actually do let her have her way in everything. And so far, it's working!" Justin Timberlake is happy to let fiancee Jessica Biel take charge.

3rd September 2012

Fact: Actress Jessica Biel and fashion designer Nicole Richie helped celebrate the wedding of their publicist pal Meredith O'Sullivan by jetting to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico over the weekend (01-02Sep12). Justin Timberlake's fiancee was snapped heading to a rehearsal dinner in a light blue dress at the Las Ventanas al Paraiso Resort on Friday night (31Aug12), while Richie was also said to be in town for the nuptials.

27th August 2012

Quote: "If it was the right job, we would consider it. He's excellent in every genre! You have to be delicate if you're working with your partner, as sometimes it can be too close to home." Actress Jessica Biel is wary of starring in the same film as her fiance Justin Timberlake because she doesn't want to mix her work and personal life.

6th August 2012

Quote: "We learned martial arts, muay Thai, French parkour, boxing, kickboxing, lots of yoga, lots of weight training." Actress Jessica Biel underwent intense training before shooting the new all-action Total Recall remake.

5th August 2012

Quote: "It was actually really terrifying... Sometimes the doors wouldn't close, the seatbelt would break... Screws would fall out on us as we were driving." Jessica Biel reveals the sci-fi hovercars in her new movie Total Recall were far from perfect.

3rd August 2012

Quote: "Absolutely not! That is a tradition. I don't think you can break that. He doesn't get to see that!" Actress Jessica Biel insists her stylish fiance Justin Timberlake will have no input in her wedding dress pick, even though he often helps her select her red carpet looks.

3rd August 2012

Quote: "His granny is way better than me, and he'll tell me that straight to my face." Jessica Biel's baking skills are second only to fiance Justin Timberlake's gran.

1st August 2012

Quote: "I like being able to write when I find the time to get into it. I love reading poetry and I've written poetry myself since I was in school. It's very calming and spiritual to be able to get in touch with emotions and states of mind to write poetry." Actress Jessica Biel relaxes by composing poems.

20th July 2012

Tweet: "Thanks for all the kind words about Viper. I'm honored to have been offered the chance (and considered to be bada** enough!) to fill her mutant shoes." Actress Jessica Biel is grateful for her fans' support after turning down the chance to star as the sexy villain in The Wolverine.

15th July 2012

Fact: Jessica Biel has signed on to play Hugh Jackman's love interest Viper in The Wolverine.

12th July 2012

Fact: Jeremy Renner, Zooey Deschanel, Olivia Munn, Hayden Panettiere and Jessica Biel were among the Hollywood stars who helped hand out trophies to athletes at the annual Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly (Espy) Awards in Los Angeles on Wednesday (11Jul12).

22nd June 2012

Quote: "It's not like a naked, porno, mud-wrestling-in-a-bar sort of fight. It's a real fight... I did find that fighting a woman was very different from when I've fought men. There was a lot of, 'I didn't hurt you, did I? Ooh, I'm sorry about that! No, it was my fault!'" Kate Beckinsale on sparring with fellow actress Jessica Biel in the upcoming Total Recall remake.

29th May 2012

Quote: "The man has everything, so a nice little toaster will do - maybe the one that puts a little Mickey Mouse emblem on it!" Singer Lance Bass jokes about what to buy his former 'N Sync bandmate Justin Timberlake for a wedding gift when he marries actress Jessica Biel later this year (12).

15th May 2012

Tweet: "Cell phone died. Just used an actual pay phone. Yes, they still exist. 90's" Jessica Biel has cell phone troubles.

14th May 2012

Fact: Justin Timberlake and his fiancee Jessica Biel put on a rare public display of affection while watching the Los Angeles Lakers play on Saturday (12May12). The singer wrapped his hands around Biel's face and pulled her in for a dramatic smooch when the "kiss-cam" was pointed at them. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian also shared courtside cuddles at the game.

9th May 2012

Fact: Actress Jessica Biel has become the latest celebrity to join Justin Timberlake's fiancee sent out her first tweet on Monday (07May12) as she was getting ready to attend the Metropolitan Museum of Art's glitzy New York event, known as the Met Ball, posting, "I can't zip up my dress."

28th February 2012

Quote: "We talk about it a lot. I hope it all works out - they are terrific kids. I love them both. I'm happy for her." Jessica Biel's Valentine's Day director Garry Marshall is pleased to hear the actress is engaged to Justin Timberlake.

2nd May 2011

Fact: Jessica Alba refused to let her pregnancy stop her from taking part in the Revlon Run/Walk for Women on Saturday (30Apr11). The Hollywood actress, who is expecting her second child with husband Cash Warren, joined her pal Jessica Biel, comedian Jimmy Fallon and TV star Matt Bomer in New York to help raise money for cancer charities.

14th March 2011

Fact: Newly-single star Jessica Biel was all smiles after enjoying dinner in Los Angeles on Saturday (12Mar11) when she stepped out for the first time since announcing her split from Justin Timberlake last week (ends13Mar11). The couple had been dating for three years.

27th February 2011

Fact: Lindsay Lohan will make her TV return in U.S. funnyman Jimmy Kimmel's post-Oscars special on Sunday (27Feb11), when she will feature in a taped sketch alongside stars including Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel and Eva Longoria, according to If the report is true, it will be Lohan's first small screen appearance since she was hit with a felony grand theft charge in January (11).

18th July 2010

Quote: "I do like potato chips, French fries and Barney's burgers in L.A. with seasoned curly fries. Turkey chili is good, but it will give you terrible farts!" Super-toned Jessica Biel admits she loves her comfort food.

3rd June 2010

Quote: "I’m not someone who has this amazing instinct about fashion. Sometimes I cannot be bothered... I just throw on whatever is comfortable. I literally spent most of my teenage years in Umbro shorts and No Fear T-shirts." Jessica Biel insists she's no style queen.

28th May 2010

Fact: Zac Efron will receive the Shining Star Award at the Maui Film Festival. in Hawaii next month (Jun10). Previous recipients include Jessica Biel and Jake Gyllenhaal.

17th April 2010

Fact: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel put on a show of unity at Taylor Swift's Los Angeles show on Thursday (15Apr10), following persistent rumours of a split. The couple was seen enjoying the Staples Center gig before heading backstage to meet the singer.

12th March 2010

Quote: "I haven't read the script, but I think it sounds fantastic. It sounds like it will be so funny. Obviously, I'm superexcited for him." Jessica Biel can't wait to watch bofyriend Justin Timberlake's next film BAD TEACHER, which features a racy scene between the singer and his ex, Cameron Diaz.

21st January 2010

Quote: "I might just be too boring to ever be a really great actress." Jessica Biel fears she's too dull to compete with Hollywood's A-list stars.

16th January 2010

Quote: "I don't feel the need to clear anything up. It's the most precious thing that I have in my life, and I care about it so much that I don't care about what anyone says or thinks. I have just not addressed it in any real way, and I'm not going to. It's mine." Jessica Biel refuses to discuss the status of her relationship with boyfriend Justin Timberlake.

27th November 2009

Quote: "I definitely believe in the possibility of intelligent life on other planets. There's just so much space out there to not believe in that." Jessica Biel thinks we're not alone.

11th November 2009

Quote: "I tried a really hilarious curly wig and glasses and a scarf. I put this whole costume on... and I drive out of my driveway (looking) like this and they still follow me." Jessica Biel admits her bizarre disguises have so far failed to fool the paparazzi.

13th August 2009

Quote: "I'm completely happy. She lights me up. It's amazing." Pop superstar Justin Timberlake is all loved up with girlfriend Jessica Biel.

3rd August 2009

Quote: "The little eight year old inside me is cartwheeling around, thinking about that idea." Jessica Biel is hoping to take her Broadway bow soon after hitting the stage for a weekend performance of GUYS & DOLLS at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

29th July 2009

Fact: Justin Timberlake has signed on as music supervisor for girlfriend Jessica Biel's new movie THE DEVIL & THE DEEP BLUE SEA. Producer Biel is currently seeking financing for the film about the friendship between a widower and a homeless girl.

1st July 2009

Quote: "She's constantly telling me she needs a new pair of jeans. She has a good bum!" Justin Timberlake's girlfriend Jessica Biel loves wearing the singer's William Rast clothing line.

6th June 2009

Quote: "There's something sexy and wild about being that blonde." Jessica Biel loved sporting golden locks for her new movie EASY VIRTUE.

4th June 2009

Quote: "There are some funny differences and I remember when I got there, there was this whole tea culture, and having afternoon tea. I had no idea what a crumpet was. This mysterious thing called a crumpet and it is the most wonderful heavenly, sweet, squishy, buttery thing. And I'm a big fan. If an English muffin is upgraded, it's like that!" Hollywood actress Jessica Biel is fascinated by the popular English snack after tasting it for the first time while filming EASY VIRTUE in London.

4th June 2009

Quote: "We had a lot of phone conversations. PG (parental guidance) phone conversations!" Jessica Biel got to know boyfriend Justin Timberlake during intimate chats after being set up by a mutual friend. The couple has been dating since the start of 2007.

31st May 2009

Quote: "I think her body is insane." Model-turned-actress Molly Sims has confessed to a crush on Justin Timberlake's girlfriend Jessica Biel.

24th May 2009

Quote: "I tried to get breasts that I thought were most similar to mine; I mean, we're not dealing with a whole lot going on here. So I didn't want anyone who was ridiculously big. But a little smaller and perkier in the butt? OK, I did want that." Actress Jessica Biel on the perks of picking out a body-double.

24th May 2009

Quote: "If it was the right thing, yeah. I would love to co-star with Justin. I just don't know what the right thing is, though." Actress Jessica Biel hasn't ruled out starring in a movie alongside boyfriend Justin Timberlake.

22nd May 2009

Quote: "You can tell I'm nervous... I'm moving in my fear already." Actress Jessica Biel is anxiously awaiting her one-off song and dance performance of beloved musical GUYS & DOLLS at the Hollywood Bowl this summer (09).

20th May 2009

Quote: "I just want an opportunity. If you don't like the audition, then don't hire me! But if you don't want to even see me - that's hurtful... I'm a very 360-degree person." Actress Jessica Biel would love the chance to try out for more dramatic roles.

28th April 2009

Fact: Jessica Biel, Colin Firth and The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian hunk Ben Barnes have recorded a quirky new version of BILLY OCEAN's WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, THE TOUGH GET GOING for the soundtrack of new movie EASY VIRTUE.

10th April 2009

Quote: "I had so much to do and so much to learn. I have a great respect for the women who do this for a living." Jessica Biel on learning how to pole-dance for upcoming movie POWDER BLUE.

28th March 2009

Quote: "I'm not engaged. If she is, we have a problem." Justin Timberlake addresses reports he and girlfriend Jessica Biel are planning to wed.

17th February 2009

Fact: Justin Timberlake's actress girlfriend Jessica Biel scored a front row seat at New York Fashion Week on Monday (16Feb09) to cheer on the singer as he and his designer pals TRACE AYALA, JOHAN LINDELBERG and MARCELLA LINDEBERG took to the runway after presenting the Fall 2009 collection of their William Rast clothing line.

24th October 2008

Quote: "I have so many friends who are having babies and getting married, and they just want to put me where they are so we can go to nursery together. And I'm like, 'Nooooo!' I'm resisting." Jessica Biel is not ready to settle down with boyfriend Justin Timberlake.

29th July 2008

Quote: "I'm not engaged. I'm not married. I'm extremely happy. And I'm not pregnant. Men are getting pregnant these days, but not me." Justin Timberlake on the rumours surrounding his relationship with actress Jessica Biel.

13th June 2008

Quote: "If you're single, you don't get in as many arguments because you're only talking to yourself. The downside being that you're only talking to yourself." Justin Timberlake doesn't miss much about single life. He is currently dating actress Jessica Biel.

11th June 2008

Quote: "I am not engaged. I'm not married. I'm not pregnant." Justin Timberlake quashes rumours he and Jessica Biel are planning to tie the knot.

11th March 2008

Fact: Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel, Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz have made it onto Shape magazine's new hottest celebrity bodies list. The girls are joined by Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes, Eva Mendes, Eva Longoria Parker and Kate Beckinsale in the new top 10.

10th January 2008

Quote: "Scarlett Johansson is insanely sexy, Jessica Biel is insanely sexy, Eva Mendes is insanely sexy, Angelina Jolie is insanely sexy. I mean, why me? It doesn't even make sense." Hollywood beauty Jessica Alba can't understand why she is considered one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood.

28th August 2007

Quote: "I have been to a couple of strip clubs to really get the feel of what it's like there." Jessica Biel on her research for new movie POWDER BLUE, in which she plays an exotic dancer.

24th August 2007

Fact: Jessica Biel served up a saucy surprise for best pal MICHELLE PURPLE when the pregnant film producer celebrated her baby shower in Malibu, California on Saturday (18Aug07) - the actress hired male strippers as waiters.

8th August 2007

Quote: "My least favourite body part is my legs, they could be leaner." Despite being voted the sexiest women alive, actress Jessica Biel admits body insecurities.

22nd July 2007

Quote: "Have you seen Adam's wife? She is the hottest woman ever. I'm nothing compared to what she's got going on." Jessica Biel insists I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK + LARRY co-star Adam Sandler's wife has got nothing to fear after the funnyman fondled the actress' breasts in the new movie.

19th July 2007

Quote: "Having Jessica Biel in the movie was rough on the budget because we had to pay extra money every time she did a scene with Kevin James - we had to CGI out his boner. It cost a couple of million (dollars)." Comedian Adam Sandler jokes about filming around an aroused James on the set of new comedy I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY.

17th July 2007

Fact: Funnyman Adam Sandler had to identify I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK + LARRY co-stars Kevin James and Jessica Biel from their armpit odour for a hilarious MTV TOTAL REQUEST LIVE competition on Monday (16Jul07). The actor revealed Biel smelled of "butterscotch," but picked James' scent because it turned him on more.

7th July 2007

Quote: "I have fat knuckles... They don't really look that way until you start putting rings on them, and then it stops right there." Jessica Biel insists she isn't as beautiful as people think.

30th June 2007

Quote: "I'm kind of a germo-freak (sic) so I had gloves on the whole time. On camera it looks fine but mentally I never got a hold." Adam Sandler on fondling Justin Timberlake's girlfriend Jessica Biel in comedy movie I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK + LARRY.

7th May 2007

Quote: "I can't even go to the dry cleaner by myself anymore. You're seen in public with anybody that you might not even know, and you're speculated about." Jessica Biel on constant reports linking her to a string of hunks like Justin Timberlake and Blade: Trinity co-star Ryan Reynolds.

19th April 2007

Quote: "It might be a tie between Nic, Ed Norton and Adam Sandler. They're all very good kissers." Jessica Biel on her favourite onscreen kissing partners.

18th April 2007

Quote: "I've had this mini crush on him for a long time." Jessica Biel on working with Nicolas Cage in new thriller Next.

5th February 2007

Fact: Jessica Biel has further fuelled reports she's dating pop superstar Justin Timberlake - she has his SEXYBACK anthem as the ring tone on her Blackberry.

18th January 2007

Quote: "HILARY (SWANK) has amazing style, and I'm flattered we share the same taste." Jessica Biel on wearing the same Valentino gown to the Golden Globe Awards on Monday (15JAN07) that Hilary Swank wore to the Vanity Fair Oscar party in 2004.

22nd November 2006

Fact: Sexy actress Jessica Biel is reportedly dating Mariah Carey and Jessica Alba's ex, US sportsman DEREK JETER.

19th August 2006

Quote: "I watched it every day after school for a straight year. I think I was in love with Patrick Swayze." Jessica Biel's favourite film is DIRTY DANCING.

19th August 2006

Quote: "I do know he's very handsome. My mom's (been) checking him out." Jessica Biel knows about the fan who spent $30,000 (GBP16,700) at an auction to dine with the sexy actress.

18th August 2006

Quote: "That's a lot of money; maybe we should just go somewhere simple, like Taco Bell, and I'll pick up the tab." Jessica Biel makes plans for her dinner date with the superfan who recent paid $30,000 (GBP16,600) to dine with the actress at a charity auction.

18th August 2006

Quote: "Keira Knightley may be dying to get out of corsets, but I'm dying to get into one!" Jessica Biel is desperate to land a role in a period drama.

10th October 2005

Quote: <p>"I feel like my parents must have voted for me, or paid them off. I feel completely flattered and honoured but it's bizarre." Actress Jessica Biel is surprised to be voted The Sexiest Woman Alive in men's magazine Esquire. </p>

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