Jessica Biel didn't want to punch Kate Beckinsale in the face during their 'Total Recall' bitch-fight.

The actress was extra nervous about hitting her co-star on the set of the remake of the 1990 sci-fi classic, because they were being directed by Kate's husband Len Wiseman.

Speaking in the issue of Empire magazine, Jessica revealed: ''I was so fearful of hitting her. I was thinking, 'Please don't let me hit this woman in the face! Her husband is watching!' And then I hit her.''

Jessica plays the story's heroine, Melina, while Kate is the villainous Lori, and she said although they fought like men, they were constantly apologising to each other.

Kate said: ''I like the fact that there's this fight between Jessica and I and it doesn't end up that someone's sleeve is ripped off, or someone's bra is out. This was as if it was two guys - and yet it was us kind of madly apologising to each other!''

Kate has a scene where she has sex with her onscreen spouse Douglas Quaid - played by Colin Farrell - but it was no problem to film in front of Len, as it wasn't particularly steamy.

Kate explained: ''It wasn't a sex scene, it was a bit of a frisky hug.

''It's always more awkward for the other person, I think. I've got no movable parts, so I can be inscrutable.''