Actress Jessica Biel became such a crossbow expert as she prepared for her role as a vampire hunter in the latest BLADE movie she caused $25,000 (GBP13,157) of damage on the set.

BLADE: TRINITY director DAVID GOYER was so convinced that Biel wasn't a crack shot he told her to aim for a camera lens duringone action shoot - but the actress hit it.

Her crossbow trainer CHUCK LAND, who is the US national archery coach, says, "By the end of the film, she could have been a competitive archer.

"There was an opening for the lens and she hit six inches to the right and the director was thrilled, but we did it again and the next arrow went straight through the lens.

"Most real bow hunters couldn't do that. She's the best bowman ever on the big screen."

11/12/2004 01:49