Modern Family Season 5 finale saw Mitchell and Cam tie the knot! The couple have been desperately trying to compromise on wedding decorations and guests for the last few episodes with the budget becoming an issue. However, they finally managed to make it official after four venue changes, a ruined dress and another nearly ruined marriage!

Eric Stonestreet
Eric Stonestreet stars in Modern Family as Cam.

Here's a recap - warning: contains spoilers!

As we saw last week: Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cam (Eric Stonestreet) woke up on the morning of their wedding to discover wedding planners Pepper (Nathan Lane) and Ronaldo (Christian Barillas) bringing them breakfast in bed. Yet this was only the beginning of the series of disasters which marked the build up to the ceremony. Claire announced their dysfunctional mother DeDe (Shelley Long) would not be able to make the wedding following a yoga accident, Cam is given the wrong tux at the dry cleaners, the dry cleaners is closed and the wedding venue has been closed by firefighters. On top of it all, Cam's parents decide to end their marriage whilst staying at Jay (Ed O'Neill) and Gloria's (Sofia Vergara) house.

So this week, things are already off to a bumpy start. The episode picked up where it left off at the wedding with the imminent threat of fire. Pepper attempted, in the face of oncoming flames, to speed up the wedding process but the couple's friend Sal (Elizabeth Banks) had other plans or rather her baby did! Sal was meant to be officiating the wedding and Phil stepped up, announcing he had received a license online. 

Pepper announces the wind had changed and the wedding party would have to move. Fortunately, one of his connections had informed him there is another venue available. The wedding venue in question, once the guests arrive on a school bus, turns out to be a beautifully decorated gazebo but it turns out the wedding room has already been booked and Pepper may have bent the truth slightly in his quest to find somewhere appropriate on short notice. 

Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Jesse Tyler Ferguson plays Mitchell.

Meanwhile Cam's parents continue to argue, creating tension between Gloria and Jay. Jay is still in the dog house with Mitchell but the groom refuses to discuss it with his father on such a stressful day. Alex (Ariel Winter) has discovered Haley (Sarah Hyland) likes Joe's babysitter Andy (Adam DeVine). Haley leaves the wedding in order to find Andy at the airport where he is waiting to board a plane to win back his ex-girlfriend, Beth. Haley tells Andy she doesn't think he should go to Beth as she's leading him on. Returning to the wedding, Alex warns Haley not to toy with Andy's emotions and, after Andy rings up, Haley tells him she wasn't thinking of anyone in particular who would be more suitable. Of course, Haley has secretly fallen for the "quiet nerd" but she wouldn't admit it and is fearful she will hurt Andy. 

The wedding is moved again to Cam and Mitchell's apartment where all the guests cram in and await further instructions. However, the wedding begins in their living room until, once again, it is stopped as Jay is absent from the celebration and half the guests are stuck out on the lawn. Cam and Mitchell, after some comments from Jay about signs from god, start to believe they shouldn't get married and that the constant venue changes are a sign from a higher power. They decide to call the wedding off, thanking their guests for coming. However, Jay saves the day and announces they can hold the wedding at his golf club. 

Everything turns out well in the end with Claire (Julie Bowen), giving a beautiful speech, despite her ruined dress and Phil (Ty Burrell) officiating sensibly without any magic tricks! The episode ends at the reception with Cam and Mitchell dancing and the family celebrating around them. Hurray!

Julie Bowen
Julie Bowen's Julie had a dress disaster during the wedding episode.