Jesse Metcalfe learned tough lessons battling alcohol addiction.

The 'Dallas' star faced personal demons after shooting to fame at a young age when he was cast as hunky gardener John Rowland on 'Desperate Housewives', but admits his experiences have made a stronger person and a better actor.

In an interview with more! magazine, he said: ''Fame introduced me to a world of instant gratification and decadence I hadn't seen before. I've had to learn most lessons the hard way, but that's the reason I'm so ambitious. I want to prove my worth as an adult, as an actor.''

The 34-year-old star - who plays Christopher Ewing on the new version of 'Dallas' - often appears shirtless on screen and as a gym enthusiast, he works hard to maintain his physique to look good on camera.

He said: ''If my shirt's off all the time on national TV, with 20 million people watching, I want to look my best. I get asked daily to take my top off.

''I start nearly every day with a workout. When you release endorphins, you just feel good.''