Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander helped make Tom's Restaurant a internationally-known hang-out when Jerry, George, Krammer and Elaine used it as their regular haunt on hit 90's sitcom Seinfeld. On Monday, 13 January, Jerry and George (who was played by Alexander) visited their old haunt once again, prompting rumours of a possible Seinfeld reunion.

Jerry Seinfeld
Jerry Seinfeld was spotted with his two former co-workers

It wasn't just Seinfeld and Alexander who were there either, as series co-writer and Curb Your Enthusiasm mastermind Larry David was also allegedly spotted at the dinner, as was a camera crew catching their actions - or at least Jerry and Jason's. This was clearly no chance meeting and the presence of the camera crew has only escalated rumours that a follow on or potential spin off for Seinfeld could be on its way, however the more likely explanation is that the two were filming something much less exciting.

According to TMZ, who had paps on the ground when the sighting was made, a camera crew-member said that the trio were filming a commercial for the Super Bowl. According to another crew member however, the pair were filming for Jerry's new online series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Either way, it doesn't look like a new Seinfeld could be on the way...unless the crew members were just covering for the fact that they really were filming a new Seinfeld!

After filming had wrapped, Larry and Jason avoided the paps by leaving through a side door, whilst Jerry left through the front, avoiding any questions regarding what he and his two Seinfeld cohorts were up to.

Jerry Seinfeld Letterman
Seinfeld before his last appearance on Letterman