There’s no hidden premise, no hidden meaning. Jerry Seinfeld’s latest project comprises him, a fellow comedian, a car and some coffee. The cars are beautiful things – all vintage and expensive looking – and the chats are nothing less than hilarious and engaging.

Season 1 included gusts like Larry David, Ricky Gevais Jerry’s Seinfeld costar Michael Richards, who played Kramer on the show so masterfully. Seinfeld’s and Richards chat is something to behold; it’s genuine and touching. A real mastery of ‘chat’. Of season two, Seinfeld said: "I know these people, and this is it — this is what they're really like. You walk out on a talk show, you know, 'I'm on here for eight minutes; I want to make sure I tell a funny story or do an interesting anecdote.' You're not just going to be sitting there tapping a coffee stirrer on the table, but you can do that on this show. So nobody feels that pressure to perform, and I do feel like I am capturing their true demeanor and energy." If you like old cars, comedians OR coffee, then you’ll have already seen season 1.

Other highlights include Bob Einstein, who plays Marty Funkhouser in Curb Your Enthusiasm. But what fans will be dying to see is the full unedited content, as the shows are just 10 minutes long. "It's simple to shoot, and we do spend a lot of time reducing what is sometimes a two- or three-hour experience down to what I feel is the juiciest 14 minutes of that. I think editing is one of the great luxuries. I think it's one of the things life really needs,” added Seinfeld. 

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