Comic Jerry Lewis has praised his former partner Dean Martin's daughter for telling the truth in her new book - and revealing the late crooner was a terrible father.

DEANA MARTIN has come under fire from fans of her father for tearing the SWAY singer's legend apart in her new tome MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS, revealing family stories about her father's aloofness and womanising ways.

But Lewis has come to her defence in the foreword of the book, insisting it took courage to come forward with the real truth about an icon.

Lewis writes, "I have to say I loved reading what Deana wrote - maybe because she bit the bullet, she was courageous, up-front, tenacious, and so totally forthright.

"I read it with tremendous pride and love, and I know other readers will feel the same emotions I felt. I love this author for a myriad of reasons, but especially for how she has honoured my partner."

The book isn't all bad - Deana Martin, who runs the annual DEAN MARTIN FESTIVAL in her father's hometown of Steubenville, Ohio, also talks with great fondness about Martin's early years and how she met his famous friends like Elvis Presley and the Beatles.

05/11/2004 03:22