Jerry Lee Lewis has married for the seventh time.

The 'Great Balls of Fire' hitmaker wed his caregiver Judith Brown in a ceremony in Mississippi on March 9.

The wedding was reportedly so secret even the singer's daughter, Pheobe Lewis, was unaware he was getting married - even though she lives with him, according to People magazine.

Judith, 62, was previously wed to Jerry's cousin, Rusty Brown, and - making the union even more closely entwined - Rusty is the brother of Jerry's third wife Myra Gale Brown.

Jerry's 1957 marriage to Myra caused huge controversy at the time, as she was just 13 years old and also his cousin once removed. They ended their union 13 years later.

The pianist - who has seven children - was last married to Kerrie McCarver, but the union ended in 2004 after 20 years together after they both accused each other of infidelity. Kerrie was awarded a $250,000 settlement and $30,000 a year for five years, plus child support for their son.

Speaking about his attitude to life and marriage in 2009, Jerry said: ''I've learned to be one of the hardheadedest cats in the world. I've learned that.

''My daddy told my mama - I wanted to go get married the first time, and boy, she was crying and carrying on, and my daddy said, 'Leave him alone, Mammy. You know how hardheaded he is. Hardheaded as a rock.' I was sixteen. That was in Louisiana.''