A forgotten interview with late rock legend Jerry Garcia, in which he discusses his drug use, has been published for the first time.
The Grateful Dead frontman sat down with writer Jeremy Alderson on 3 July 1989 - six years before he died of a heart attack at the age of 53.
During the conversation, published for the first time in the August (08) issue of Relix magazine, Garcia described his many LSD-fuelled 'trips' and promoted the use of psychedelics and the legalisation of drugs.
He said, "I always keep some psychedelics around. It's like a coffee break almost. It's something that I fear and that I love at the same time. I never take any psychedelic without having that feeling of, 'I don't know what's going to happen.'"
He described one trip: "I thought that everybody on earth had been evacuated in flying saucers and the only people left were these sort of lifeless automatons that were walking around."
He continued, "I had one (trip) where I thought I died multiple times... I'm not nearly so afraid of death anymore. Psychedelics at their most powerful are scarier than death."
Garcia claimed each 'experiment' prompted a "life changing experience", but he confessed they almost cost him his life on occasion, adding, "I went walking in traffic and stuff. I drove a lot of times when I could barely wind my way through the hallucinations."
But, despite the risk factor, Garcia called for all drugs to be legalised, telling Alderson, "My feeling about it is that all drugs should be legal. I think heroin should be legal. I think cocaine should be legal."