When 24.06.2013

'Mission Impossible' star Tom Cruise arrives at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood where producer Jerry Bruckheimer was to be honoured with the 2,501st star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He is spotted briefly clutching a mystery woman to his side before entering the back of the building.

Johnny Depp is later seen sporting a short new hair-do and makes a speech for his friend. 'Since my collaboration with Jerry, my life has never been the same', he says. 'And probably won't be for a while anyway.' He collaborated with Jerry on the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' series and his latest flick 'The Lone Ranger'. 'Thank you to everyone who has joined me on this amazing ongoing journey', Jerry says as he addresses his crowd. 'I would not be here without the great talents on both sides of the camera, who always made me look good. I share this honour with them and with all of you.'


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