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16th April 2014

Quote: "We're going to take Eddie (Murphy) back to Detroit. He's going to be in Beverly Hills... So we're going to have some fun with him." Movie mogul Jerry Bruckheimer lets slip a little information about the new Beverly Hills Cop movie, which he hopes to begin shooting at the end of the summer (14).

29th October 2013

Fact: Producer Jerry Bruckheimer is set to receive the Honorary Golden Nymph Award at the Monte Carlo Television Festival in June (14). Previous recipients have included Law & Order creator DICk Wolf and Disney president Anne Sweeney.

17th June 2013

Fact: Moviemaker Jerry Bruckheimer is to be honoured with the 2,501st star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on 24 June (13). Johnny Depp will be among the speakers paying tribute to the producer.

1st June 2013

Fact: 50 Cent is to join Tom Cruise, J.J. Abrams and Jerry Bruckheimer at an upcoming Hollywood producers' workshop. Movie fans keen to learn more about the top movie job will attend the Produced by Conference 2013 event at 20th Century Fox Studios in Los Angeles on 8 and 9 June (13).

26th January 2011

Quote: "I don't think they had breast augmentation in the 1700s, so it's natural for casting people to say, 'We want real people.'" Moviemaker Jerry Bruckheimer on why he insisted on no fake boobs in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

17th November 2010

Fact: Jerry Bruckheimer's U.S. TV drama Dark Blue has been cancelled. The second season of the series, starring Dylan McDermott, ended in September (10).

9th November 2010

Quote: "Rob is loved by his stars and the combination of that and Johnny Depp... Judi thought it would be an intriguing thing to do." Movie mogul Jerry Bruckheimer confirms reports DAME Judi Dench has a cameo in director Rob Marshall's latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

8th July 2010

Quote: "We don't know yet, first we have to have a good story. Of course (Tom Cruise), he'd have to be in it." Jerry Bruckheimer hasn't considered favourites to co-star opposite Hollywood action hero Tom Cruise for a planned sequel to his hit 1986 movie Top Gun. Bruckheimer recently confirmed he's been approached with plans to resurrect Cruise's character, Lieutenant Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell, for a follow-up to the naval aviation drama.

19th May 2010

Fact: Tom Cruise, Billy Bob Thornton and Nicolas Cage joined the stars of new action movie PRINCE OF PERSIA on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles on Monday evening (17May10) to toast producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who had his handprints immortalised in concrete outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre before his big premiere. Cruise honoured his Top Gun and Days of Thunder producer, calling him "the greatest producer in modern history".

20th March 2010

Quote: "It's true that Johnny Depp is going to play Tonto, but as far as George (Clooney) is concerned, we haven't made a decision on the Lone Ranger yet." Moviemaker Jerry Bruckheimer addresses reports Depp and Clooney are going to team up as the famous western duo.

21st April 2009

Fact: British actor Toby Kebbell has signed up for a spellbinding role - as a celebrity illusionist in new film THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE. KEBBELL will co-star alongside Nicolas Cage, Jay Baruchel and Teresa Palmer in the Jerry Bruckheimer production, based on a scene on animated Disney classic Fantasia.

19th February 2009

Quote: "You wont recognise Jake Gyllenhaal at all, hes huge. No steroids, he just worked hard, lots of cycling. Ive seen most of the movie and it looks fantastic." Producer Jerry Bruckheimer on the muscly star of his latest film, PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME.

19th February 2009

Fact: "We are talking about making another one. We have JOHNNY (DEPP) certainly interested." Movie mogul Jerry Bruckheimer is planning a fourth Pirates Of The Caribbean movie.

7th February 2008

Fact: Star Trek icon Nichelle Nichols will play a leather-boot clad brothel madam in moviemaker Jerry Bruckheimer's new low-budget film, LADY MAGADALENE.

25th May 2007

Fact: Movie mogul Jerry Bruckheimer is set to follow-up Pirates Of The Caribbean by reviving TV cowboy THE LONE RANGER, according to U.S. reports.

3rd December 2006

Fact: TV and movie mogul Jerry Bruckheimer will be honoured with the Producers Guild of America's Norman Lear Achievement Award at a gala in January (20JAN07).

19th June 2006

Fact: Movie producer Jerry Bruckheimer's daughter is a successful organic perfumer.

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