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Loving Vincent Trailer

Explore the life of one of the world's greatest visionary artists, Vincent Van Gogh, in a stunning biopic spanning his early life through to the last months before his suicide by gunshot wound in 1890 at the age of just 37. We see his world from the perspective of those who knew him the best, including his brother Theo and the postmaster Roulin. Of course, many people mocked him for his eccentricities, for he suffered badly with poor mental health for most of his life; one incident relating to which saw him cut off his own ear and subsequently become hospitalised. Ironically, he never sold any of his paintings, but his talent has lived through more than a century and his works are some of the most priceless pieces in the world.

Shot in the incredible, technicolour style of the Dutch Post-Impressionist artist himself, including animated versions of some of his most famous pictures, 'Loving Vincent' is the world's first painted biographical feature film. Written and directed by Dorota Kobiela ('The Flying Machine') and the Academy Award winning Hugh Welchman ('Peter & the Wolf') in his directorial debut, the making of the film was partially funded by a Kickstarter campaign to enable the training of oil painters in their pursuit of becoming painting-animators, eventually spanning 65,000 frames with a team of 115 painters. A further writing credit was also attributed to Jacek Dehnel.

'Loving Vincent' has already won several prizes including the Audience Award at Annecy International Animated Film Festival, two Golden Trailer Awards for Best Foreign Animation/Family Trailer and Best Foreign Graphics and a Golden Goblet at the Shanghai International Film Festival for Best Animation Film. It was also nominated for the People's Choice Award for Best Narrative Feature at Melbourne International Film Festival.

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Could Bronn Switch Sides For Tyrion In 'Game Of Thrones'?

Jerome Flynn

'Game of Thrones' has managed to impress viewers every week with its current seventh season - which is a good job as its the series' penultimate outing, and one that only consists of seven episodes in total, compared to the usual 10! 

Peter Dinklage stars as Tyrion Lannister in 'Game of Thrones'Peter Dinklage stars as Tyrion Lannister in 'Game of Thrones'

Last week's episode 'Spoils of War' saw Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) finally ride her dragon Drogon into battle against the Lannister forces that had raided the Tyrell's cache of gold, and it's fair to say that she and Drogon, along with the help of her Dothraki army absolutely decimated almost everybody on the battlefield. A couple of fan favourite characters did manage to survive however, with Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and Bronn (Jerome Flynn) left in the river close to the fight.

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Amazon Renews 'Ripper Street' For Two More Seasons

Matthew MacFadyen Jerome Flynn MyAnna Buring

Ripper Street, the crime series set in Victorian London, has been renewed for two more seasons. The series' third season was made available on Amazon Instant Video last November and the streaming service has commissioned a fourth and fifth season of the show.

Ripper Street(L-R) Jerome Flynn, Matthew MacFadyen and Adam Rothenberg star in Ripper Street.

Read More:  On Set With Ripper Street Series 3 [Pictures].

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Valar Morghulis - But Who Do We Think Will Die In This Season Of 'Game Of Thrones'? [Speculative Spoilers]

Kit Harington Alexander Siddig Alfie Allen Gwendoline Christie Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Peter Dinklage Emilia Clarke Lena Headey Sophie Turner Maisie Williams Jerome Flynn George R. R. Martin Rory McCann

Prince Doran - We've only seen Prince Doran Martell (Alexander Siddig) in one episode so far, he's already made a strong impression on everyone. The elder brother of fan favourite Oberyn, who came to a horribly messy end in the last season, Prince Doran is trying his best to keep the peace in Dorne, and stop his people from seeking revenge against the Lannisters. It stands to reason, however, that his death would make give them a great reason to rise up and start a war.

Kit Harrigton in 'Game of Thrones'Kit Harington in 'Game of Thrones'

Brienne/Podrick - Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) and Podrick (Daniel Portman) have been giving us a good dose of the "two buddies traveling", following in the footsteps of Tyrion (Peter Dinklage ) and Bronn (Jerome Flynn), and Arya (Maisie Williams) and the Hound (Rory McCann). The problem is, that each of those has come to a rather disastrous ending at some point, and the death of Brienne or Podrick seems likely - especially with what they seem to be getting themselves into.

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Jerome Flynn and Matthew MacFadyen - Jerome Flynn and Matthew MacFadyen outside the ITV Studios - London, United Kingdom - Thursday 6th November 2014

Jerome Flynn and Matthew Macfadyen

On Set With Ripper Street Series 3 [Pictures]

Jerome Flynn

Pictures have emerged from the set of Ripper Street in Dublin, where filming was taking place for the show’s highly anticipated third series. It was the last day of filming in the Irish capital before production moves back to Clancy Barracks for set filming before wrapping up.

Sophia La Porta, Jerome Flynn and Philip Arditti were all pictured, fully clad in period garb, filming scenes for the popular show – a show that was plunged into jeopardy when the BBC made the strange decision to cancel it after two seasons. While numbers weren’t extremely high, the fan base was obviously there, as evidenced by the uproar when the decision was announced. 

Alas, Amazon came to the show’s – and the fans’ – rescue by optioning the third season for its online streaming service, Amazon Prime. Head of Amazon Instant Video international content acquisition Jason Ropell said ay the time: "We're delighted to have secured not only the highly popular first two seasons of Ripper Street for our Prime Instant Video customers but we can also confirm today that we will be making season three, news that we know will delight the millions of fans of this brilliant British drama."

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Why Amazon Made A Smart Move In Bringing Back 'Ripper Street'

Matthew MacFadyen Jerome Flynn

When BBC One cancelled their period drama, 'Ripper Street,' audiences were dismayed; petitions were even signed. It was an unpopular decision; one the corporation made because of low ratings. But a third season is now on the way, and it comes as Amazon launches a new streaming package in the UK.

Ripper StreetRipper Street was mourned when it was cancelled, but it lives again thanks to Amazon's big bucks

The BBC’s decision to pull the plug on Ripper Street wasn’t a popular choice. "The second series didn't bring the audience we hoped and in order to make room for creative renewal and new ideas it won't be returning," a spokesman told the website Digital Spy at the time.

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Fans Rejoice As Popular 'Ripper Street' Is Saved By Amazon Prime

Matthew MacFadyen Jerome Flynn

Fans of the short-lived BBC drama 'Ripper Street' - starring Matthew MacFayden - woke to some good news on Wednesday (March 26, 2014) after it was announced that the axed series will return for a third outing courtesy of Amazon's Prime Instant Video.

Matthew MacFayden Ripper StreetMatthew MacFayden Filming 'Ripper Street'

The deal between Amazon and Ripper Street producer Tiger Aspect marks a potentially important moment for the UK TV industry. According to the Guardian, it's the first time that a video-on-demand operator has stepped in to find a drama series after it was dropped by a major broadcaster.

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'Ripper Street' Murdered By Reality TV Juggernauts With Monster Ratings

Matthew MacFadyen Jerome Flynn

Ripper Street has been cancelled due to poor ratings, leaving fans of the show devastated. The period crime thriller won’t move past the second season, which airs in the next two weeks. Jerome Flynn, who plays Detective Sergeant Bennet Drake, revealed the news to BBC London 94.9 last night (Wednesday, Dec 4th).

Ripper StreetRipper Street is no more...

"We found out this week that the third series of Ripper Street isn't going. We're all in shock,” he explained. "It was up against I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! and that's been cited as one of the reasons in terms of viewing figures.” The decision comes just weeks after ITV announced the end of Whitechapel, about a modern crime unit investigating murders in east London.

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Adam Rothenberg, Matthew McFadyen and Jerome Flynn - BBC's Ripper Street Films in Dublin - Dublin, Ireland - Tuesday 21st May 2013

Jerome Flynn, Matthew Mcfadyen and Adam Rothenberg

Jerome Flynn and Matthew McFadyen - Actors seen filming the second season of the hit television drama series 'Ripper Street' - Dublin, Ireland - Wednesday 1st May 2013

Jerome Flynn and Matthew Mcfadyen

Shameless, Californication, Ripper Street All Confirmed To Return To The Small Screen

Matthew MacFadyen Jerome Flynn

TV renew season can be either the best or most disappointing points of the year. With the news, as reported by the LA Times, that Shameless, Californication, Ripper Street, House of Lies and Banshee are all set to return, fans will be pleased. 

Shameless is a British export rehashed for American television, which seems to have (for once) translated really well. That's on Showtime along with both Californication and House of Lies which implies that Showtime are pretty pleased with their ratings over the last couple of months. Cinemax's Banshee, from a producer of True Blood, is also set to return. 

Arguably most exciting of all, is the definite return of the BBC and BBC America collaboration, Ripper Street. Set in 1889, and starring Matthew MacFadyen (Frost/Nixon), Jerome Flynn (Game of Thrones) and newcomer Adam Rothenberg, the series follows a detective named Edmund with his team of Detective Sergeant and early-style forensic doctor from the American army, trying to solve mysteries (often murders) using comparatively primitive detective techniques while simultaneously exposing the growing technology of the era including film itself. It has had largely favourable reviews and its renewal, though a pleasure, is not a surprise. The second season, of another 8 episodes, will debut in 2014.

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Loving Vincent Trailer

Explore the life of one of the world's greatest visionary artists, Vincent Van Gogh, in...