Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine has slammed ITV over rumours that Conrad Murray, the disgraced former doctor whose treatment led to the pop star’s death, is set to feature in the next series of ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here’.

61 year old Jermaine took to his Twitter account on Thursday (July 28th) to attack Murray and describe his new book ‘This Is It’ as “sick entertainment” in a series of angry missives.

Jermaine JacksonJermaine Jackson has urged ITV not to consider putting Conrad Murray on the next series of 'I'm a Celeb'

Murray was struck off and then convicted in 2011 of manslaughter after he gave the late King of Pop an overdose of propofol, to treat insomnia, on the night of June 25th, 2009, which killed him. He served two years of a four year prison sentence, but he has remained in the spotlight since and has recently announced a book deal telling his story.

His name has also been linked with the forthcoming series of ‘I’m A Celebrity’, to which Jermaine also made reference during his outburst, begging ITV and presenters Ant & Dec not to “reward” Murray with money and exposure.

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“1. Jurors didn't believe a word out of Conrad Murray's mouth. Nor should anyone now. He & his trashy book can't be taken seriously. #clown,” he wrote, continuing with a series of numbered tweets.

“2. Murray's recklessness killed Michael, and his book-promoting lies are transparent: the desperate deflections of a guilty, odious man.”

“3. Also, Conrad Murray reportedly in talks re UK show 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here!' No way @itv & @antanddec can stoop so low.”

“4. I urge @itv to maintain sense of decency & not use Michael's death/killer for sick entertainment value. Despicable to even consider it.”

"5. Every fan should lobby @itv and @antanddec to ensure they do the right thing, and NOT reward Michael's killer w/$$$ & spotlight.” Later, he claimed he had not heard back from ITV as to whether there was any truth in the rumours, again urging them to reject the idea.

“All producers have to say is 'No, he won't feature',” he wrote. For their part, all ITV has said is: “Our official line-up will be announced in due course” in a statement to the Daily Star.

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