Producer Jermaine Dupri is furious after a track he recorded with Usher leaked onto the internet.
Several songs from the Yeah! hitmaker's upcoming album, Raymond vs. Raymond, surfaced online last month (Dec09) without the star's consent, including Fooling Around, a track produced by Dupri.
The tunes were scheduled for release in Europe in February (10) and the U.S. in March (10) - but hit the web more than two months before its expected release date.
Dupri is fuming over the leak and has taken to his blog to vent his frustration.
He writes, "Some kinda (sic) way my Usher record Fooling Around got leaked. If you follow me on Twitter you know I don't condone leaking records. So basically I been down about it all night."
But Dupri admits he's pleased with fans' feedback, adding, "I guess one positive is I've been receiving messages like this: 'This record feels great. Hopefully this more what Usher does for his new album.'"