Young actor Jeremy Sumpter's growth spurts caused all kinds of headaches on the set of the new Peter Pan film.

Sumpter, 14, who plays the boy who never grew up, grew eight inches (0.2 meters) during the making of the film, leading to a window frame in which his character appears in having to be remade four times.

And his escalating height also prompted adult co-star JASON ISAACS - who plays evil villain CAPTAIN HOOK - to use a box to stand on during their scenes together.

Sumpter laughs, "The window I fly into in the nursery - they had to change the height of it four times so I didn't have to crouch to get in.

"And Hook is supposed to be a lot bigger than I am, right? When I got taller, Jason had to stand on an apple box."

03/12/2003 02:15