The Avengers star and his longtime friend Kristoffer Winters have been buying and selling homes since 2003, while they were living together in Los Angeles as Renner filmed S.W.A.T.

They fixed up their first house, sold it for twice what they paid for it and never looked back - and Winters 'flipped' a house for a $17 million (GBP11.3 million) in 2013.

Renner tells Playboy, "We kept acquiring bigger structures, and now it's 20-some houses later between the two of us... Mostly we did them together.

"Each house has always been our primary residence... We were just investing in the next house we were going to live in. We live in the houses while the work's being done. Most people couldn't do that... It's like going back to camping and caveman days - no electricity, no running water."

But now Renner is putting down roots in the 1960s-period home he most recently bought, adding, "This is my home now, and I'm pretty sure this is my last structure. It's something I built and it's a representation of every house I built and pretty much every movie I've done. This house represents a lot of who I am spiritually.

"This will be my daughter's place in the future. I own it now, but Ava owns me."