Jeremy Renner only worries about his daughter.

The 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' star - who has two-year-old daughter Ava Berlin with his former wife Sonni Pacheco - has insisted he will do anything to be with his little girl.

He told Entertainment Tonight: ''The only thing that matters is my daughter.

''She's the number one thing in my life right now. Anything that's in the way of it is an obstacle I get rid of so I can get to her.''

Meanwhile, the 44-year-old actor previously admitted becoming a father was his ''best role to date''.

Talking about fatherhood, he gushed: ''It's kind of screwed my career in a lot of ways. Because I don't really care about it so much because I care about her so much.

''She's like number one in my life. And now I get to do movies on the side. Daddy's my best role to date, I think. And all I had to do was have sex! That's amazing.''

And with some of his movies being filmed outside the United States, Jeremy found himself travelling back and forward to see his little one.

He added: ''I do a lot of flights back. I did 40 flights back from London to here pretty much every other week to see her, sometimes for eight hours, and then fly back.''