The Avengers star reveals to Playboy magazine his father gave him the briefest chat about how to use a condom and he was so confused, he protected himself for first-time sex hours before the action started at the end of a "teenage party".

He recalls, "It (party) started at five in the afternoon... and then, cut to midnight. Knowing the opportunity was finally going to present itself, I had put on the condom well before we were actually going to do it, like four to six hours...

"It was just this random, uncomfortable thing, and I was so nervous... It happened on my dad's water bed, where we both sort of passed out. I'm pretty sure it was uneventful for both of us."

But the days after that night will forever be ingrained in Renner's memory, because he felt terrible for upsetting his girlfriend's mother.

He adds, "I woke up to her mom calling on the phone. I felt bad that her mom was angry with me... I'd still see them when I was bagging groceries, I'd see her (girlfriend) at school, but she certainly wasn't allowed to hang out after school anymore."

The young sweethearts ended their romance and Renner has lost touch with the girl who took his virginity.

He muses, "I think she's still in Modesto (California), married and has some kids. But I have no idea what she thinks. Maybe she goes to the movies and thinks, 'OK, Hawkeye was my first'. Or she could have a voodoo doll of me, for all I know."