Jeremy Renner felt "very nervous" before filming 'Mayor of Kingstown'.

The 53-year-old actor was seriously injured in a snowplow accident in January 2023, and Jeremy has confessed to feeling anxious before shooting season three of the thriller series.

Jeremy - who broke more than 30 bones in the accident - told 'Extra': "I was really nervous.

"‘Do I have the capacity to do it?’ So, I was always asking myself that, but I had a lot of people helping me … They really had to schedule me like a minor on a movie set, a certain amount of hours in a day, otherwise I’d start falling asleep.

"It was bad, but then I started getting stronger and stronger because they allowed me to have recovery time and then, here I am, we just wrapped it up on Friday and now I'm in much stronger shape. I've been able to train and got all these testosterone levels."

Despite this, Jeremy has been forced to change his workout routine since the accident.

He said: "Running's tough. I don't do it for working out. I do it for my joints and stuff. Up and down hills and things like that, but not for endurance. I can't do it for endurance.

"My joints aren't strong enough yet - however, I'll get there. I'll get to a point where I can. I push a lot of weight."

What's more, Jeremy feels the public now see him in a totally different light.

The Hollywood star explained: "This is everyone's story as much as it is mine and so I found, I feel more connected to people. I feel that they see me as the man that I am and not the famous guy, what I'm famous for."