Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans have apologised for the derogatory remarks they made about Black Widow, the character Scarlett Johansson plays in the Avengers film franchise, in a recent interview with a UK entertainment website.

Scarlett JohanssonScarlett Johansson as Black Widow in the Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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The two actors were interviewed by Digital Spy on Tuesday (21st April) as part of their press tour for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Renner and Evans, who play Hawkeye and Captain American in the hit Marvel films, were questioned by a female reporter about rumours of Black Widow wanting to be in a relationship with their two characters when, in the upcoming film, she strikes up a romantic attachment to Bruce Banner A.K.A the Hulk.

"She's a slut," Renner joked and Evans later added "a complete whore."

The pair's comments immediately caused uproar online with many social media users criticising Renner and Evans for their "sexist" and representing "double standards" about woman in the media. Others, commenting on the YouTube video, have claimed Renner and Evans' statements were intended as "jokes" about a fictional character and should not be taken seriously.

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Renner and Evans have since issued a statement and apologised for their remarks, describing them as "very juvenile" and "tasteless". 

"Yesterday we were asked about the rumours that Black Widow wanted to be in a relationship with both Hawkeye and Captain America," Evans said in the statement, as EW reports. "We answered in a very juvenile and offensive way that rightfully angered some fans. I regret it and sincerely apologize."

Renner also added a comment, stating: "I am sorry that this tasteless joke about a fictional character offended anyone. It was not meant to be serious in any way. Just poking fun during an exhausting and tedious press tour."

Avengers: Age of Ultron is due to be released on 23rd April (today!) in the UK and 1st May in the USA. 

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