Actor Jeremy Irons is attending a royal charity gala dinner on Tuesday evening (01Feb10) as part of a campaign to encourage children to take an interest in the arts.
The Oscar winner is a supporter of The Prince's Trust Foundation for Children and the Arts, which aims to give youths more opportunity to develop life skills by participating in poetry, painting and music.
And Irons will be mixing with royalty at a gala dinner at Queen Elizabeth II's London residence Buckingham Palace to raise awareness of the cause.
Irons tells Britain's The One Show, "We're having an evening celebrating a charity of the Prince of Wales, a children and the arts charity which encourages and gives opportunity to children who are - either because of geographical... or because of financial reasons - they don't have any access during their education to do anything artistic. Whether it be painting or theatre or poetry or whatever...
"I was very lucky, I was at school and we had art classes, we had poetry classes, we had music classes, I learnt to do all those things naturally... What this charity does is to bring together local arts organisations and local schools and allow children to learn to paint, to write poetry, to stand on stage and be in a play... I've always argued that arts are terribly important for education and we're foolish to cut them... you're training them for life."