Jeremy Clarkson took to twitter on Friday (April 1st) to share a shocking image of his blackened and bloodied face, after filming a dangerous new stunt for his upcoming Amazon Prime series. But some fans questioned the authenticity of Clarkson’s pic and wondered if it was all just a publicity stunt.

On Thursday Clarkson had tweeted: "Tomorrow morning, I'm doing the most dangerous stunt I've ever attempted. This may well be a goodbye.” The next day he followed up with the picture of his blackened and bloodied face, writing, "I survived the day. Just”.

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Clarkson didn't give away what the stunt was, but he later followed up with another tweet reading: “My first time in A man. It hurt, but I liked it.” Hours later he offered some clarification, tweeting “Small typo last night. When I said I'd been in "a man", I meant Amman. Apologies.”

The ex-'Top Gear' presenter’s pic has so far been retweeted over 3,700 times and gained more than 17,000 likes. But not everyone believed that Clarkson was ever in any real danger. One tweeter told Clarkson "Good make-up!", to which he replied: "You're going to feel silly when you see the show. It so isn't make-up."

Others poked fun at the ‘fracas’ last year which led to Clarkson’s firing from the BBC, with one tweeter asking, “Did the producer punch back this time?” Clarkson and his former ‘Top Gear’ co-hosts are currently busy filming their big budget Amazon Prime series, that's set to debut on the streaming service later this year.

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Back in February the trio travelled to Barbados to film for the series, where one onlooker described it as looking ‘more like the world’s wildest stag party than a TV show’.

“They’ve got a huge budget and they are obviously enjoying spending it – the whole thing was pretty bonkers,” the witness told The Mirror. “They had cars being pulled out of the water, hover boards, jet skis, the works. It was like a lads holiday - they’re obviously enjoying every minute of it.”