Jeremy Clarkson has posted an epic throwback picture, showing just how much he and co-presenters James May and Richard Hammond have changed over the past few decades. The trio, who are still working on a name for their upcoming Amazon Prime show, sported some dodgy haircuts and made some questionable fashion choices back in the 80s, but fans can decide which one came out looking the worst.

In the pic Clarkson is seen with a full-on poodle perm, while wearing a green shirt and leather jacket. May had considerably shorter hair than we’re used to seeing him with and he also appeared to favour cord suits and garish ties.

Then there was Richard Hammond who’s seen with long, flowing brown hair and a questionable patterned shirt. Clarkson captioned the pic, "Two of us come out of this badly. But the other... Holy S***.”

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The trio’s new Amazon Prime series, which is scheduled to hit later this year, still doesn't have a name, but that doesn't seem to worry bosses at the streaming service. Speaking about the series to The Guardian, Amazon Prime’s European chief Jay Marine, described them as a ‘safe bet’.

“We talk a lot at Amazon about making bold bets but I have to say I put this in the class of like a safe bet,” he said. “This is on the safer side of bets I’ve made. We look at everything when we consider a new show and deal. The reality is these three guys have made a great show for a long time.”

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“They have a passionate following and yeah, sometimes they are controversial. But I can tell you people are excited to see them back on air. The worst thing we could go and do is tell Jeremy, James and Richard how to make a great car show.”

“They are in control. Those guys have a big budget and creative freedom and we are here to support them. We find great creators,” he added. “Then we get out of their way and let them make their show, make their vision without trying to put restrictions around them.”