Another week, another round of Jeremy-Clarkson says something stupid and then gets attacked for it on Twitter. This time, the Top Gear presenter accused Liverpool Echo journalists of being "f*cktards" after they attacked comments that he made in his Sunday Times column.

Jeremy ClarksonJeremy Clarkson criticised the service in his Liverpool hotel

In his piece, Clarkson initially praised the city, saying that in contrast to his previous visits his latest experience was "very agreeable".

"There was a lot of postmodern urban-chic architecture and many museums, hotels and waterfront cafes. It looked really good. I liked it."

However, he went on to complain about the service in his hotel, writing, "Ordering [the rosé wine] Whispering Angel in Liverpool is like a Liverpudlian strolling into the Savoy at teatime, in a shell suit, and demanding seven pints of vodka. He's going to be shown the door. And I should have been shown the door too."

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Clarkson went on to discuss the north-south divide, saying, "Closer to home we have soft-living, champagne-soaked southerners imagining that they know what's best for northern cities such as Liverpool. 'My dear fellow, why don't you simply give up heroin and start a book club? Because if you don't, we'll cut your benefits.'

"We go up there and say, "Look what we've given you, Gary: a Tracey Emin hotel and slavery museum, all full of Ed Miliband bumper-sticker slogans. Aren't you grateful?" But Gary isn't grateful because he doesn't like Primrose Hill sensibilities and bloody mood lighting."

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"People up there [the north] earn less, die more quickly, have fewer jobs and live in houses that are worth the square root of sod all."

After the Echo published a scathing article on Clarkson's comments, the presenter - no stranger to controversy - tweeted: "People of Liverpool. Read what I actually wrote. Including the bits the ftards on the local rag left out. Shocking journalism."