Of all the hotels Jeremy Clarkson could have checked in to for a quiet weekend in Hampshire, he picked the one where Danny Dyer was hosting his wedding bash. The presenter accidentally found himself in the middle of Dyer’s all-night wedding party over the weekend, at the five-star Chewton Glen hotel in Hampshire.

Jeremy ClarksonThe accidental wedding crasher Jeremy Clarkson

According to The Sun, Jeremy was just looking to relax during a break from his hectic filming schedule for ‘The Grand Tour’ and was stunned to find himself in the middle of Dyer’s wedding to longtime girlfriend Jo Mas.

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“Jeremy couldn’t believe it,” a source said. “He was laughing to the guests how he had tried to go away for a quiet weekend and ended up walking onto the set of 'EastEnders'. He said congratulations to Danny and Jo and then made himself scarce.”

By all accounts Dyer’s wedding was the boozy bash we’d all expected it to be, so much so that the hotel reportedly ran out of beer at one point. A source told The Sun: “It was exactly what you would imagine a Danny Dyer wedding to be."

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“It was raucous, boozy and brilliant fun. The guests had a great time despite the horrendous weather," the source added. "Danny and Jo were gutted that no one could use the fairground but a few hours later it was all forgotten.”