Jeremy Clarkson’s lawyers might just have found away to get around the BBC’s attempts to stop the presenter from brining a new 'Top Gear'-style show to ITV. A clause in Clarkson’s contract reportedly prevents him and his ‘Top Gear’ co-presenters James May and Richard Hammond from working for a rival terrestrial British broadcaster for at least the next two years, but lawyers might just have discovered a loophole that could see them back on our screens.

Jeremy ClarksonJeremy Clarkson’s BBC contract reportedly stops him from making a series to rival ‘Top Gear’.

According The Sunday Mirror Clarkson is busy trying to get around the contractual ban by making a new show in America and then selling the programme to other broadcasters worldwide including ITV in the UK.

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The newspaper reports that despite the “non-compete” clauses in the three presenter’s contracts their lawyers are confident that a show made outside Britain could be broadcast in the UK either on a streaming service (such as Netflix) or even sold to British terrestrial channel like ITV.

A source told the newspaper, “It has been a battle with all the legal complications, but after some solid advice Jeremy believes they’ll successfully get around the issues despite the BBC making desperate efforts to stop them.”

“There are a few options on the table," the source added. “Including a split deal with Netflix, which should allow the guys to get back to doing what they do best and make great television.“

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Clarkson left the successful BBC series back in March after his contract was not renewed following a “fracas” between him and one of the show's producers. DJ Chris Evans has since been announced as the series’ new host with the show set to return early next year.