Jenson Button says shoes are a vital part of any outfit.

The hunky racing driver - who is often voted one of the world's most stylish men - admits fashion plays a big role in his life, and although he is equally as happy dressed down as he is dressed up, he knows the importance of good footwear.

He said: "I like the relaxed look, jeans and a T-shirt but, at the same time, I love dressing up for special functions by wearing a really good suit. Shoes are very important as a bad pair can really ruin a great suit or outfit."

While he's happy with his dress sense, the Formula 1 World Champion admits being a racing driver can cause havoc with his hair.

However, he has since found a solution after he was named the brand ambassador for Head&Shoulders haircare range.

He said: "Obviously wearing a helmet all the time takes its toll on my hair and scalp but head&shoulders is great and leaves my hair looking healthier, flake-free and it smells great, too."

Jenson recently revealed how he has a Tom Cruise-style jacket from 'Top Gun' but can't bring himself to wear it in public.

He said: "I bought a 'Top Gun' jacket about five or six years ago. And obviously I have never worn it, but I wear it at home sometimes, just in my bedroom on my own. I've got the sunglasses to go with it, I can't believe I bought it to be fair. I might give it to Michael Schumacher."