In ‘Obvious Child’, Jenny Slate stars as the hilarious yet aspiring comedian Donna Stern, who constantly finds new material to work with just by being a women in her mid-twenties living in America. But life as a stand up comedian is more ‘Louie’ then ‘Seinfield’, and the mundane realities of adult life are just around the corner. 

Obvious ChildJenny Slate and Jake Lacy in 'Obvious Child'

Donna loses her job, gets dumped and finds herself impregnated by a man who farted in her face while peeing on the street. All in time for Valentines day. Now she has to realise that the scariest thing about being a grown up isn’t doing everything on your own, but accepting help from others. Pee fart becomes a part of her life.

“I made Obvious Child the short in the winter of 2009 with my friends Anna Bean and Karen Maine. After watching many films that end in childbirth, we were disenchanted with the representation of young women’s experience with becoming pregnant. We’ve been waiting to see a film in which a woman makes a different choice – and it doesn’t define her life. But we weren’t sure how long that wait was going to be. So we decided to make the film ourselves,” explained director Gillian Robespeirre in an interview with Film Maker.

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“It starred Jenny Slate and had a nice festival screening run. When we shared it on the Internet, it was really exciting to see that people were actually watching it (over 40,000 hits on Vimeo). But what was even cooler were the conversations it ignited. That truly inspired us to expand the story. Anyway, the short was just the starting point. A lot of the seeds of the feature developed after we started re-working the main character, Donna Stern (Jenny Slate). And it has really blossomed into its own piece.”

Slate’s performance has been labelled as ‘breakout’ by many. And, having appeared in popular shows like Girls and Parks and Recreation, this is certainly her biggest role. “Jenny Slate shines in a romantic comedy that dares to consider the subject of abortion suitable for date-night crowds,” wrote Peter Debruge of Variety in just one of the positive reviews that lead ‘Obvious Child’ to a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes. 

‘Obvious Child’ hits cinemas on August 29.

Jenny SlateThere's a smile in there somewhere. We can see it.