With a mishmash but not altogether off-putting set of movies released this weekend, you could do worse than wandering down to your local Cineplex - maybe grabbing a pizza - and catching a film. Just make sure that film is Obvious Child.

Obvious ChildJenny Slate [L] and Jake Lacy [R] in 'Obvious Child'

The off-beat comedy stars Jenny Slate as comedian Donna Stern, a twenty-something who finds herself dumped, unemployed and pregnant just in time for Valentine's Day. Having to navigate the murky waters of independent adulthood for the first time, Donna begins to discover that the most terrifying thing is learning to accept the support and love of others. 

"An inventive take on the rom-com genre, this genuinely hilarious film is even more engaging because its characters and premise are unexpectedly honest," said our very own Rich Cline, "It also has a level of realistic unpredictability, as the feisty characters refuse to behave like the people we normally see in the movies. And the story is consistently laugh-out-loud funny even as the plot is essentially very serious."

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"Robespierre and Slate deserve credit for nudging the abortion narrative away from scaremongering horror, and back towards, if not an entirely happy ending, then at least something a girl might get a joke or two out of," said Mike McCahill of the Guardian.

Obvious ChildJenny Slate shines in 'Obvious Child'

"Actor and stand-up Jenny Slate shines in this romantic comedy which faces up to the realities of abortion," said Oliver Lyttelton of Little White Lies.

"Sharp, funny and feeling, this isn't just Juno-meets-Girls but a smart film that tackles real-life issues with rare frankness," said Olly Richards of Empire magazine.

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"Robespierre and company deserve high praise for tackling a story with such a difficult subject at its heart, with a combination of grace, humour and courage," said Bruce Demara of the Toronto Star.

"There are many reasons to love this film, not least because it's gutsy and genuinely funny, but perhaps Obvious Child's most admirable quality is that its feminism is very real," said Anna Rodgers of The List.

Obvious Child, written and directed by Gillian Robespierre, is out in the UK now. 

Watch the 'Obvious Child' trailer: