Jenny Slate accidentally invited a stranger to her wedding.

The 38-year-old actress was due to marry Ben Shattuck in June before the coronavirus pandemic changed their wedding plans, and has admitted that when she sent out her electronic ''Save The Date'' messages she accidentally sent one to a total stranger after mistyping her friend's email.

She confessed: ''When I looked back, I had messed up the letter - the name on the email by one letter. And not only was it like, 'Jenny and Ben, June 2020, save the date,' it was a picture of me and Ben, being like, 'We are Jenny Slate and Ben Shattuck and we live here, this is our home address.' ''

The 'Zootopia' star then had to move her summer wedding because she felt it wasn't ''safe'' to ask her friends and family to gather together, but didn't send an updated email to her mystery guest.

She added: ''I'm not trying to assume this lady is a fan or knows who I am, but if she does, she knows where I live and that we were gonna get married at our house blah blah blah, but then we sent a thing saying, 'Sorry everybody, we're not getting married,' but I didn't send it to her because I just felt so awkward about it.''

And although it's unlikely the stranger will turn up at Jenny's house, the actress has done some snooping to find out who the misplaced email was sent to.

Speaking during an appearance on 'The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon', the 'Gifted' actress explained: ''When I looked her up on the internet, she likes to wear top hats. Like a lot. Often she'll wear a top hat in some of her pictures.

''So on the day we were supposed to get married and because I knew she wouldn't have received the 'Sorry we're not getting married anymore', I had this weird fantasy that like maybe she would show up. And in my fantasy, she's in a long stretch white limo and she comes out wearing a Jamiroquai-like top hat and she's like 'Let's get this party farted' because she's funny she doesn't say 'started'.''