Since the first mention of Rosie O’Donnell for one of the free chairs on The View next season, controversy has raged. Not because of O’Donnell’s presence, ethical or political beliefs, mind you, or at least not directly. Mostly, it was based on O’Donnell’s minor disagreement with former co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, which led Hasselbeck to publicly slam O’Donnell on her return announcement. Hasselbeck that O’Donnell “spit in the face of our military” and “the face of her own network”. Since then, O’Donnell has found a supporter in the face of Sherri Shepherd, who is leaving The View next season and most recently, in fellow comedian, actress and host, Jenny McCarthy.

Jenny McCarthy
McCarthy voiced her enthusiastic endorsement this week.

McCarthy had some particularly kind words for her colleague and felt that The View would benefit from the new addition.

"I love Rosie. I have been a fan of hers forever," the 41-year-old star told reporters at The Palazzo Las Vegas, quote via Us Weekly. "I knew they were looking to bring some heat to the table and there is no doubt that will Rosie there will be some heat. They are definitely going in the direction of fire."

She continued on why O’Donnell’s return was a great decision for ABC: "It's going to be some exciting television," she continued. "I will be there with my beer and popcorn at eleven in the morning. I can't wait to see how it plays out."

Of course, McCarthy is still under contract, so her avid endorsement should maybe be taken with a grain of salt. She did, however, tease something very real for this coming Monday. “"Monday there will be a big announcement," she said. "Everyone should do something they love doing but that shows off their strengths and have fun while doing it."

The anticipation is killing us.

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Rosie O'Donnell
O'Donnell's return was met with some pretty extreme reactions on both sides.