As BBC's answer to Downton Abbey, Call The Midwife "made for perfect Christmas telly," according to The Telegraph's 5-star review.

Jenny Agutter - who plays Sister Julienne in the show - has revealed her thoughts on the show and Christmas while talking to The Mirror, and it appears that she's not entirely enamoured with the season. "The prayers in the Christmas episode are woven into a really gritty story," she explains. "You do have the spiritual element of Christmas - something that is sadly lacking today because it seems so material. I find it quite disturbing how the sales start in November and go right the way through and everyone's so worried about what they're going to buy and how to wrap it. For me, Thanksgiving in America is a fantastic holiday because there are no gifts, there are no cards, it's really a family get-together and it's all about sharing that particular moment in time."

Alongside the brilliant new Doctor Who Christmas episode, named The Snowmen, The BBC had a formidable festive schedule to unleash, and Call the Midwife was a big part of that. A couple of Downton fan-written reviews aside, the Christmas special was a triumphant success. "Call the Midwife certainly takes an affectionate view of Fifties Britain," continued the Telegraph's review, "But Heidi Thomas, Call the Midwife's creator and writer, never shies away from genuinely gritty - sometimes quite gruelling - storylines."