Two grandmothers, who describe themselves as the real-life Eddie and Patsy, have claimed they were thrown out of a screening of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie for laughing too much. Cindy Amass and Jacqueline Cox told The Mirror that staff at Islington’s Vue cinema told them to "laugh on the inside” or get out.

Absolutely Fabulous: The MovieTwo women say they were ejected from Ab Fab: The Movie for laughing too much.

"The film is so funny, obviously that's why we went,” Cindy said. "I had a heart attack and Jacqui's daughter bought us the tickets, as I'm like her aunt and she wanted to do a nice thing for me. I hadn't been out for over a year and I was really looking forward to it. It was an early showing at 6pm so there wasn't many people in the cinema.”

Jacqueline added: "I just couldn't believe it, it's a hilarious film. We weren't laughing that loudly, but it is a funny film, it's not like we were watching anything serious. It was really embarrassing, no one was asking us to be quiet until the manager came over and was talking to us, then people started shushing.”

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"My daughter, Candice, and all our family, call us Eddie and Patsy because we are just like them. The manager said we had to laugh on the inside. I said 'what the hell does that mean?' That just made us laugh even more.” The women say that two men who were sitting in front of them were also asked to leave for laughing.

"The manager said he had been standing round the corner near the fire exit to listen to us and said we were making too much noise,” Jacqueline said. "He was quite aggressive and was waving his hands in my face, he was being a bit intimidating, then he called security over, I was getting quite nervous. He said 'it's my cinema, I say who stays and who goes.’”

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The four were given full refunds, then went to a bar round the corner together. A spokeswoman for Vue Cinemas told the Mirror that their staff would never eject a customer from the cinema for laughing. "We love seeing our customers enjoy their big screen experience at Vue,” they said.

"However in this instance we had a number of complaints about some customers talking too loudly during this film which was disrupting the viewing experience for the majority of the customers in the screen. We would never ask our customers to leave for laughing.”