Jennifer Love Hewitt threw a party for her girlfriends to compare sex tips.

The 'Ghost Whisperer' actress hosted a girls' night in on Sunday (10.01.01) and invited seduction expert Dana B. Myers - who co-founded saucy store Booty Parlor - so she and her pals could learn some new bedroom moves and buy some sex toys.

According to Radar Online, the 30-year-old beauty and the group played naughty games before splashing out on a range of treats for Valentine's Day (14.02.10) next month.

The website reported: "To set the mood, the ladies played the game 'What's Your Sexy Fantasy' before shopping for such goodies like Booty Parlor's sexy lingerie, designer sex toys and beauty products."

After viewing the erotic range, Jennifer is believed to have stocked up on vibrating knickers, bondage tape and a spanker.

The website added: "The actress bought tons of bedside staples including Melt Chocolate Body Fondue, Skin Honey Kissable Body Topping, All Tied Up Bonding Tape, a Good Girl Bad Girl Feather Spanker, vibrating panties and four types of sexy lingerie underwear."

This is not the first time Jennifer's naughty side has been revealed this week.

The actress - who is dating her 'Ghost Whisperer' co-star Jamie Kennedy - admitted she once coped with being dumped by decorating her genitals with crystals, a look she now fashions most of the time.

She admitted: "I am currently 'vagazzled'. And it's hot pink for today, so that's good. I've had no complaints about it."