Jennifer Love Hewitt’s show, The Client List, is raunchy to say the least. But she’s an adult; she can deal with people talking about it. What happens when your grandmother sees you half naked on TV, though?

If you’re Love-Hewitt, you get a cheeky nickname from Granny then everyone moves on and eats pie. Got it? We embellished on the pie bit, but come on - everyone loves pie. "She likes it," the actress revealed of her Grandmother’s thoughts on the show. "She ignores the parts that she doesn't like and pretends like they're not happening but she calls me her 'little TV ho.' And she thinks that's really funny." It sounds like she’s kind of making this up just to make her appearance on Ellen funner, so she says it again. "But, she does it, like, out loud to people. She'll be like, this is my 'little TV ho.' She's from Texas. I'm like, 'Grandma, not aloud. Like on the phone with me, family joke, funny. Not out loud in the mall or the restaurant.' She gets a kick out of it."

Jennifer Love HewittLove Hewitt on the set for The Client List

Perhaps she was method acting, or perhaps she just likes showing them off, but her cleavage was there for everyone to see. And that was something Matthew Perry couldn’t just overlook. Ellen said to her guest host Matt Perry: “What a weird day you're here on,” to wit he replied, “It might be my favourite day.”