This is why we love the Teen Choice Awards. It’s not the glamour or the dresses, or the hordes of adolescents screaming their faces off. Although those are, of course, some of the great traditions of showbiz. But it’s the endearing moments that everyone loves to aww and aah at. Like J Lo’s reunion with her onscreen son from the 2002 comedy Maid in Manhattan, Tyler Posey.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez was reunited with her co-star Tyler Posey on the Teen Choice stage.

Back then, he was a relatively unknown kid, but these days, 22-year-old Posey stars in MTV’s hugely successful Teen Wolf. So naturally, he had a few ideas about future collaborations.

"I know we haven't seen each other since Maid in Manhattan, which was forever ago," the 22-year-old hunk said after giving his former movie mom a hug. "But I thought that maybe if you needed a backup dancer, I'd fit. What do you think?"

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Understandably J Lo was a bit reluctant to hire him on the spot, but then Tyler proceeded to show of his dance moves. And they were amazing. Apparently, J Lo didn’t really appreciate the amazingness, because her reaction was: “If I say yes, will you stop?”

Tyler Posey
22 years later, Tyler Posey is all grown up and no less goofy.

Ok, we’re jumping the gun on this and calling it a job offer.

Later, the actress posted a photo on Instagram of the pair hanging out backstage. "Aww look at Ty all grown up!! @i_love_harveys #teenchoiceawards," she wrote.