Jennifer Lopez was such a heroine to one sick young girl, she lied about her condition so she could spend her last evening of good health with the singer.

Lopez befriended tragic cancer patient PAIGE PETERSON during low-key visits to The Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, and when the superstar was honoured at a gala for the hospital in October (04), her 11-year-old pal insisted on being there.

The girl's parents tell LATINA magazine that their daughter had started feeling sick just before the event but she refused to tell her parents, because they wouldn't have let her attend. Paige ran a high fever the following morning and never recovered. She died in November (04).

Lopez, who sent a huge, heart-shape wreath with dozens of red roses to Paige's funeral, reveals her memories of her little friend have made her realise why her charity work is so important.

She tells the magazine, "That's why I do this. I don't like to do my charity work in public. That's not what you do it for."

Paige's mother SUZANNE admits Lopez will always have a very special place in her heart: "Jennifer helped give Paige a voice because what my daughter wanted was to let the world know that kids get cancer - and Jennifer helped her do that."

11/01/2005 21:16