Jennifer Lopez has talked about the difficulties in beginning her film career, when she had to film a sex scene with Wesley Snipes for the 1995 'Money Train', when she never really wanted to film the scene. Lopez commended Snipes for his gentlemanly and professional attitude towards her and the scene, yet she still believes that she should have pressed for the chance to not get undressed for the scene.

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She explained her horror while filming, by saying: "(It was) horrible. When you first start working professionally, you push the boundaries of what you should and shouldn't do, and I didn't think I had the right to say no, like, 'No, I'm not doing this, and that's it...' So we did it and it was tough. Wesley was wonderful about it in the sense that he was like, 'What's gonna make you more comfortable?' and I was like, 'Bring music, play it loud.'"

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Lopez thought that it was the right choice at the time, despite admitting that she has previously made bad decisions in regards to past films. She commented by saying: "When you're an actor and you wanna work and you want your chance to do whatever, you take whatever they give you and you love it."